Good nightlife for a foregn visitor?

Yes, I went through the nightclubs site that was posted all over this forum. They only tell you so much. I’m coming to Taipei for a week and I just kind of want to make sure I get a general idea of would it would be like to live here. Please guide me in the right direction. Thanks.

Carnegie’s wednesday is full of sausages from all over the world.

Sausagefests suck. I’m looking for a place witha nice atmosphere where a female can feel comfortable alone and not get bothered.

Been a while for me but Vibe on a Saturday night should definately provide you with the “Saugefests” you are looking for.

Violet, are you *BC or Caucasian?

Last Sunday when I came back from CKS Airport, I sat in front of some Atlantans who just got off the airplane, going to the Far Eastern Hotel. They were talking about Carnegies and looking to score big time in Taipei. This in itself wasn’t so extraordinary but for the fact that their conversation was so coarse that I thought I was back in grade school again.

Apparently I think someone gave the impression to these four men that this was going to be going to heaven…kind of like Thailand.


I’m caucasian. Not that it matters.

Not sure what kind of partying you are looking for violet.

If it’s the all night dance thing then you might want to check out Luxy.

If you’re into techno the place you should check out would definitely be MOS (ministry of sound). The place is huge and the music is pretty good. It’s usually packed on the weekends and I’ve had to say I’ve seen the finest chicks there so far (quantity and quality).

If you’re into more hip-hop and mainstream pop music the places to go would be Luxy, Room 18, or Plush. Luxy does have a techno room also though. These places are probably the most famous in taipei and I think is more upscale. There isn’t usually lots of foreigners there unless there’s a big event there. But thats usually where lots of ABC’s go.

If you’re looking for foreigners I guess the place to go would be Carnegie’s. I’ve yet to go there cause to me it seems to be a bit older crowd, maybe late 20’s to thirtys.

Hope you enjoy ur trip.

Ministry of Sound (MOS) in Dazhi might appeal to you, if you like techno and hip-hop/rap that is. Open until the early morning on weekends.
Entrance fee before 11 is reduced but it only started to fill up around midnight. Wasn’t too crowded last Saturday though (my first and probably last time there).

I second Carnegies if you fancy a more mature crowd and 80’s music.
Maybe you meet wolf_reinhold there. :wink:

That’d be nice. :laughing:


May I ask what ABC’s are?

Basically I’m just looking to dance and peoplewatch. I’ll try to find out which of those places are hopping on which nights - I’ve looked on that other nightclub website.

Even if the crowd isn’t my scene it’s still fun to be a fly on the wall and watch everybody. That’s a big part of the fun of going out for me.

I do like techno so I’ll make sure I go to MOS on a weekend. I’ve heard bad stories about police raids and stuff in techno clubs, though. Am I safe there?

I’ve been to Carnegies once and it was pretty slimy. You said “fly on the wall”…When I was there it was a bunch of flies standing around EVERYWHERE. Everyone was staring at everyone. I was not high at the time, so can’t say I was paranoid. If you want to watch, and not be watched, Carnegies is not the place to go. I like MOS and Luxy, because I am into that sort of music. For a good vibe check out VIBE. On Saturdays/Fridays arrive after 1130 though or you will be the only person there!

Police raids. There is a clun here in Taoyuan which is very openly a place of drug abuse. When the cops come 'round they ignore everything that is laid out on the tables while checking IDs. I couldn’t believe how non discreet the kids in that place were!

One can’t have it both ways.

I would obviously disagree with his opinion; this establishment is far from slimy, as he so ineloquently puts it. I am happy to say that we attract people from varying walks of life who come here for enjoyment in a safe, fun environment. I would agree that in general the crowd we have here is older than that which prefers house/hip-hop/techno music but that is fine as that is the intention. There are no police raids here and no drugs. I am happy about that.

Stevieboy is entitled to his opinion though and indeed I am happy for him that he is able to seek and find his enjoyment somewhere even though it is not here.

Violet, should you come here I will be most happy to extend you a drink. If you need any assistance with accommodation or transport you may PM me and I will see what I can do to be of assistance.

On our part we will be most happy to welcome you.


Bob Marshall
General Manager
Carnegie’s Taipei


Stevieboy is entitled to his opinion though and indeed I am happy for him that he is able to seek and find his enjoyment somewhere even though it is not here.


Don’t worry about it, Steve thinks everywhere is slimey, except those places that really ARE slimey :smiley:

Then you must not be one :slight_smile:.

MINT is an option then.

There’s more than half a dozen places in Taipei that can fit this. Lounge bars/clubs are not a problem to do this sort of thing. There’s a few on Anhe Rd, which also happens to be there Carnegie’s is located.

If you go to MOS, be sure to bring your ID.

We have a few posts here about what it’s like living in Taipei :slight_smile:


A lot of it comes down to the basics: the money you want to spend, the crowd your seeking and the music type that you like to listen to. Some clubs have a large majority of westeners while in others you may be the only one.

Safety at both Luxy and MoS are probably the highest that you’ll see around Taipei. MoS has a metal detector for both VIPs and the average clubber. Luxy requires you to open your bag/purse so that they may view the content and any other place that are non-techno are fairly good at security as well. Not sure (please help nightclub owners) but i believe every nightclub is forced by Taiwanese law to have security cameras? (at least this is what i was told by the police this weekend).

If you want to watch people dance and don’t want to participate at all, Carnegie’s because there’s no dance floor so if you feel like moving, you can just stand there and sway. If you want to dance, not Carnegie’s, but somewhere with a “dance floor”, try MOS Burger or Luxy.

First time at Carnegie’s and tres shocked. :noway:
Men dancing on bars. Never seen that before. Go go boy wannabes, man in a suit, binlang girl, white boys doing the lawnmower, etc…But the music was aight, a little repititious but alright. The crowd was a good mix of young and old, and so many people were dancing away that my celebrity-impersonator date and I had a place to sit and watch the boys on the bar table do their thang.

Room 18
Entire area around Room18, Warner Village, plenty of clubs and lounges
Entire AnHe Rd, plenty of lounges etc

Are you sure your date was watching the boys? :wink: