Good Restaurants for Christmas Dinner


I’m looking for a good restaurant to have Christmas dinner with my gf in Taipei, any suggestions?

I’m a British guy, looking for something which will remind me of Christmas dinner back home…I think turkey is essential but everything else could have an Asian twist :slight_smile:



Hi Gordon,

Many places have Christmas dinner promotions including turkey dinners. Some places will even prepare a turkey with all the trimmings for delivery so that you can share it with friends in the warmth of your own home. I’m thinking of Greg from Sababa and Dan Ryan’s, but you are a little early to the party! You will begin to see Christmas promotions at the beginning of December. The big hotels like the Far Eastern and others usually have something, but places like Carnegies and the Tavern do dinners, as well.

Good luck!

Same question, but I’m curious if there are any places that have a good traditional Christmas dinner (for me) AND also have a good vegetarian option (for my wife). Yeah, I know it’s early, but what the heck.

In the end we settled for Malaysian food in Qsquare (shopping centre close to Taipei Main Station). Not very traditional at all! But I still enjoyed it…