Good tailor in Taipei

I’m looking to get a few bespoke dress shirts and maybe a sports jacket when I’m back in Taipei. My body dimensions make any off the rack just not really an option, I’ve tried and have to get them tailored to even get a half-decent fit if I can even find the sleeve length.

Preferably, someone who is familiar with European fashion, I’m moving to London in the fall for my masters. I would like to look more professional day to day to network and all that. The cost of labor is just so much cheaper in Taiwan, and sometimes even Italian fabric is cheaper than in Italy (taxes).

I saw this guy, 35 years of experience and saw some good reviews.

Any help would be great!

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Good luck. I’ve tried at least 5 different well-known tailors with both shirts and suits. Also tried to a more Euro cut. Not happy with the cut or quality of any of them. They still style like 20 years ago. Most of their customers are old men. It’s almost the same concept as food, cut costs wherever possible. I’m baffled because my suits from 2 other Asian countries look and and just go and go.

PS: I can’t reach that website. It stalls out. His google map pictures are just average.

I think tailors get popular in Taiwan because of location, not necessarily because of quality. Like one next to a nice hotel or near a well known business or building will be popular not because of quality but because of location. I don’t think people in Taiwan are generally that picky or up-to-date on international standards, styles, trends, etc.

I suggest don’t go to or near tailors around Western hotels. These tailors learned their trade years ago and most customers are generally not in the best looking physical shape so the tailors will fit them large.

Here’s a trick. Ask what buttons are popular. They will usually offer up some flashy brighter odd style thats traditionally popular in Taiwan. Then I walk away.

Lately I’ve been keeping eyes open in Japanese areas of Taipei where they might style and fit more Euro style. Also, if I’m in a trendy restaurant or spot, and see a manager or staff with a nice suit, I will ask him.

If you have time and money, just get one made, then more if you like it.


I hope they appreciate it! :rofl:

This is also my concern. I would want something more fitted and not loose classic fit for older men. It’s just the cost of a tailored shirt is so cheap in Taiwan, wouldn’t even cover the fabric in Europe.

I went to one younger trendy shop with younger tailors in Zhongxiao shopping district. Same old cut. I was shocked. I think their customers are maybe also older less fit men that want extra room in the suit.

Yea, I like the price and ease of availability in Taiwan. So I just keep trying.

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Have you checked out these guys?

Even if it’s not European standard in quality, I can sacrifice a little in that in order to get a good fit for me. It’s just impossible for me to buy off the rack. My shoulders are too wide for mass produced shirts and the only way I can get my sleeve length is to get a huge loose shirt which I end up having to tailor but never fits that amazing.

I have not checked them out, but I would, given the location is a little pocket of upscale trendy. Site looks good.

I have had good experiences with both of these, but then, I do not think I am very picky.

Jonie Cherie

I know Jonie Cherie because they made the suits for all the company staff when I once worked for a stockbroker in the 1990s. When I rejoined the workforce after grad school a few years later, I looked them up myself and had a suit and a couple shirts made. They were still at the Howard Plaza when I went back a few years ago to get some things fixed after I moved back to Taiwan from China. Their Facebook page indicates they moved in 2017 to their own spot安莉西服-Jonie-Cherie-Tailor-318752824821376/

在訂做西服業界三十餘年, 我們提供多樣化的選擇及細膩的手工, 從西裝到襯衫, 男裝到女裝, 為您打造最時尚的品味! 本店位於台北喜來登大飯店B1商店街16號 電話:(02)2351-5817 分店位於台北市鎮江街3號1樓 電話:(02)2357-7067 歡迎蒞臨參觀指教! 歡迎使用國民旅遊卡!
GOOGLE TRANSLATE: For more than 30 years in the custom-made suit industry, we have provided a variety of choices and delicate handicrafts, from suits to shirts, menswear to womenswear, to create the most fashionable taste for you! This store is located at No. 16 B1 Shopping Street, Sheraton Taipei Hotel Tel: (02) 2351-5817 The branch is located on the first floor of No. 3, Zhenjiang Street, Taipei. Tel: (02) 2357-7067 Welcome to visit and teach! Welcome to the National Travel Card!

Joseph Tailor

A couple years ago, I wanted to some pants made, and I went here when I found a recommendation posted here. I liked what he made plus he threw in a shirt for free, which is my best fitting work shirt :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll have to check them out!

Out of curiosity - how much does one of these suits usually cost? Are there lots of options for material/print?
My great-uncle used to travel a ton, and his favorite suitcoat was a golden dragon-print one that he got in Hong Kong in the 80s. I don’t have a lot of chances to wear a fancy suit but I think it’d be really fun to have a ‘party’ type jacket like that, I just have no idea where to go in Taiwan to get the fabric or where to then get it made into a jacket.

I tried both tailors for shirts at Howard a few years ago. No joy.

It highly depends on the fabric. I think you can get a decent 2 piece suit for around 20-25k in Taiwan. The cost of labor is pretty low. Most of the cost will depend on the fabric.

It’s the Landis Hotel, not Ritz. Maybe it was the Ritz in 2003?

Who the hell says “strongly recommend” except someone doing marketing?

The French restaurant inside Landis is kind of nice small simple throughback to historic Paris once your inside. Art Deco style hotel inside.

So if I went to, say, the fabric market on Dihua street and bought my own, it should be fairly cheap to get a suit/jacket/shirt tailor-made, yes?

I don’t find it that weird.

I checked nobility and it seems their prices are on the higher end. Not sure if it’s worth it to pay HK prices in Taiwan.

Probably. I don’t know enough to say about buying your own fabric in Dihua.

Try the Caesar Park hotel near Taipei Main.

You can get an excellent tailored suit at Ermenegildo Zegna. A bit cheaper in Italy than in Taiwan.

Just looking for shirts right now. I do like Zegna, but they are a bit overpriced for the name.

Back in the days Zegna was pretty much our uniform at Drexel Burnham.