Google Maps now has Street View in Taiwan

I’m on Goggle Street View!!


[quote=“Chris”]I’m on Goggle Street View!!

Haha, you and your wife :laughing:

Actually, me and a friend and his wife.

Oh. :unamused:

[quote=“Chris”]I’m on Goggle Street View!!

That’s awesome…although I don’t believe that it’s really you, Chris. You’re not wearing that red and white scarf in the picture. You also appear to be giving the Google car the finger :wink:

I believe I’m pointing at the Google Car in that pic. “Hey look! The Google Car!”

Just now saw the Google car with cameras on top.

I’m marked where I am and will check it later. I’m guessing it’ll take at least a couple months to be up on the internet.

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Seen one about 6 months ago however the street I was on is still showing the street view from 2017