Google Pixel phones in Taiwan?

I have heard that Google Pixel phones are not available in Taiwan, but I just read that the Pixel 3 XL (which is due to get announced on October 9th) is currently being ‘certified’ in Taiwan. I’m not sure what this means exactly but I’m wondering if this phone might be available here.

I’m trying to decide if I should wait to have a look at the Google Pixel 3 XL instead of buying the Note 9.

Thanks for any ideas.

Might just mean it can legally be used with Taiwanese telecommunication systems (ie mobile phone towers), kind of like FCC certification.

I wanted the Pixel 2.

I heard Pixel 2 was coming to Taiwan.

I waited for the Pixel 2.

Pixel 2 did not come to Taiwan.

I waited more.

I got fed up.

I bought the Pixel 2 from some dude online…that brought it from Canada.

I like the Pixel 2.

I did not like how Taiwan made the Pixel 2, but does not sell it here.


Ya, very strange.

What difference does it make if it’s certifiedd or not ? I would have assumed it’s just a question of what frequencies the pixel supports and if it’s the same they use in Taiwan. If it’s the same, it will work

I´ll wait for in in October and November. If it comes, OK, if it doesn´t… I´ll buy elsewhere or pick a different one. I am so sad that my reliable LG G4 seems to be about to kick the bucket. It is so convenient to be able to switch batteries. And the camera is awesome.

It’s actually frustrating, lots of tech like acer and Asus put out their newest line of products out in the Us market months before they bring it to Taiwan.

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Apparently, the answer is yes:

The store page is there.

I feel like it’s too big for me. I don’t like having to use two hands all the time.

The regular Pixel 3 is a tiny bit smaller than my HTC 10. It may be manageable.

Side question:

Any repair shops or anyone can fix a broken Pixel 2 scren?

I broke a Pixel 2 this week :frowning: While long distance cycling, phone dropped to the pavement. I could have stored it better. :frowning:

The screen is cracked, and because the phone is engineered in a way that the screen is integrated with its functions (according to the internet), if the screen is broken, the phone doesn’t work. Ya, my phone doesn’t work.

The phone is 4 months old, but I did not purchase Preferred Care so the default warranty does not cover user-created problems like drops, sigh. I’m a bit salty about spending money to buy a new phone, so I’m trying out living without a phone for now, and so far its been a nice opportunity to live unplugged!

Meanwhile, the cheapest options so far seem to be:
a. mailing to Google or authorized repair service to fix it ($7500 TWD ish)
b. buying a new phone in TW ($6000 my local taiwanese host suggests this is the starting point for a phone that will last more than a year)

I’m wondering if there are cheaper options for when I might want a phone again? Does anyone know if anyone or any repair shops in TW can fix a Google Pixel 2 screen?

I might eventually also look for a used phone with a good camera as that’s the only feature I kinda miss—capturing photos from my pocket!

Tagging @ranlee who also owns a Pixel 2. (Also!! Are you the same ranlee on the LINE TW cycling group? If so, I’m Francine :)! Haaai!! If anyone messaged me and I didn’t respond … it’s because I broke my phone :p!)

Prices published yesterday by United Daily make my hair stand on end. A Pixel 3 will set you back over 30K… :sob:

I´d rather take a tour somewhere. My LG is about to die though.

I ended up buying a Note 9.

wowee big spenderrrrr!

How is it? I played with a S9 the other day, and it is really good!

I can’t spend 30k on a phone either, it’s just…not right.


Good news about the Google Store in Taiwan:

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You do know who manufactures the Pixel I gather, and where?
HTC, in China, but supposedly on the move to Vietnam.

I think Foxconn did the Pixel 3 phones. Not sure about the 4.

Foxconn also makes Pixel 4.