Google Pixel phones in Taiwan?

you tried two cables, but do you know they work? I can charge with an a-c cable, even with my crappy old 1amp charger.

Yeah, they both work. Can charge other stuff with them no problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

:man_shrugging: might try a new cable anyway. USB can be somewhat finicky. I have different a-c cables and chargers in my travel bag, 2 cars, and and they all work with my 7. I have c-c at bedside and home office.

I did actually try a third (brand new) one after my original post, with the same behavior - just forgot to mention it above. I’d have to be extraordinarily unlucky for it to be the cables at this point, since they still work just fine on other devices…

Maybe… Or your phone is a little f’d up. But I’m actually not sure how unlucky you have to be vs USB C being generally finicky / a lot of cables actually not meeting spec even if they generally work.

Leung used to have a running list of good / bad cables (there were a lot of bad ones). you can find it on… shit, it was on his Google+ page. :wink:

In one of my vehicles, I went through multiple known working cables, that worked with my old pixel 3 and various chargers and computers, before I found one that would work in that car (more specifically that aftermarket Kenwood headunit) with Android auto. it’s been a champ with every phone since. :man_shrugging:

Hami Pay is not compatible with Pixel 6 or 7.

Need app to redeem Hami Points.

“Hami Pay”?


Taiwan has lots of different payment systems.

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My Pixel 5a does not have a Pro Mode for camera (I read that all Pixel phones don’t, but you can confirm). Does anyone have a recommendation on a good camera app that allows you to manually adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, exposure levels, white balance, etc.?

Black Friday - Limited Period Offer
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Those prices are sadly pretty ridiculuous vs Europe/USA - the Pixel 7 is at 499USD in USA or even less with Google Fi (which you could cancel after 60 days). Considering taxes the 7 should go for 16.999ntd, and the 7 Pro for something like 21.00NTD.

Not to talk about some ridiculours good trade in offers in US - where you can basically get a Pixel 7 for free by trading in some old phones like Iphone or e.g. 395 USD trade in for a Pixel 6 (reducing the price to 104 USD).

I rather want to wait for a Samsung S23 because of Snapdragon Gen 2 and the likely much better battery life - but a good offer now for the Pixel 7 would get me buy one (wanted to buy in Europe but I left for travel towards Taiwan before the Pixel 7 Pro would have arrived).