Google pulls Android license from Huawei

Wow, this is a massive development and outside of PRC, Huawei phones will long longer be a viable choice for most…

R.I.P P30 Pro that just got released a month or two back.


yeah. that’s pretty big.
I wonder if it means Huawei users (not me) can only use ADK versions of Apps?

Phones already released won’t be affected.

This just means they can not use the Play Store and other Google Apps for future phones.

because the Presidential Directive was just promulgated?

Won’t really affect Chinese users because they don’t use google.

It can not invalidate previous contracts.

Also they might still be able to use the Play Store if relevant US authorities allow it. Huawei can apply for permission. Currently US is mostly targeting to block Huawei 5G infrastructure technology.

of course. more curious about those outside of Taiwan who bought a Huawei.
I almost bought the P20 Pro kast year. Great camera set-up (3 of them)

But there’s just no way you’d buy a P30 Pro over the S10+ now surely!

I wouldn’t have gone with Huawei or Samsung either way.

I prefer phones with ‘Android One’ to get fast updates and no crapware preinstalled.

But if I had to choose, would definitely go with Samsung.

It’s about time the US and tech giants fought back, China steam rolled them like pussies for years.

This is VERY good news for investment in Taiwan. Google probably planned this earlier we can see their employee numbers racking up here. Possible game changer.


The problem Huawei has is that the Chinese government requires large companies to have communist party members to keep employees in check with party politics.

For Huawei it is impossible to deny or proof that the Chinese government has no influence on their products.

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Holy crap.

They’re not the only Chinese maker though, Oppo/OnePlus and Xiaomi come to mind. Not the same kind of military infiltration of those companies?


US is targeting to block Huawei 5G infrastructure technology.

The smartphones are not the target.

I think they already blocked Huawei 5G importation and sale in the US?
.Really China is just reaping what they sow.
Finally US is waking up !!


Fuck google’s tech stranglehold and US newfound red paranoia is ridiculous too.

AOSP is fine, it’d be good if more people used custom roms instead of the official spyware ones. Shame that for a huge mainstream seller like Huawei it’s probably a big blow.

Bullshit, red paranoia is real we know this in Taiwan !

Don’t come here and call black white and expect us to believe it.

Hope all the manufacturers decamp to SEA and some back to Taiwan
.Good news.


I don’t “come here” buddy, just passing by. One of the reasons is not having to put up with nonsensical comparisons such as yours equaling US with Taiwan and having to argue with some shouty Trump zealot.

You carry on with your righteous crusade thou, that’s what forums are for I guess :slight_smile:

Huawei isnt Xiaomi. Its not a Chinese tech company who are forced to become entangled with the State, they are funded by the PLA. The chariman comes from the PLA, the money comes from the PLA. They arent an average Chinese company, but rather an extension of the Chinese military and government. They shouldn’t be treated like an average Chinese enterprise and they clearly have nefarious motives in their actions.

Being suspicious of Huawei isnt red paranoia, they are an extension of the Chinese government.


Thats not Huaweis problem, thats other companies problem in China. Huawei is umbilically linked to the Chinese military, they havent been forced to do anything

although @Brianjones is wrong (:wink:) on climate change and Brexit, he is truthfully the exact opposite of Trumpsters