Google Translate Pop-up Bubbles

With Android 10 update, Google translate stopped having the bubble pop-ups. One of the most useful things I use. Quick, simple, easy, translate capbility from any app or language, both directions.

It’s also one of the best tranlate app for dating talk between languages.

Hope it gets fixed.


It is not a Google Translate issue. It was due to changes on the Android 10 permissions, which blocked any app of having direct access to clipboard.
For know, I know of two workarounds:

  1. Select the text you want to translate, click the extended drop menu, and choose the “translate” option:

    This workaround works well works well on text boxes and browsers, but not on Facebook, Line or other apps that have their own pop-up menu. For those, you’ll have to use the old copy&paste method;

  2. On Google Translate settings, turn on the “Tap to translate” option.

    The tradeoff is that the GT bubble will always stay on top of your apps.

I don’t think this function will ever return. Google opted for privacy over convenience, and I don’t think they’ll go back on that…


Thought it was just me, lost it when I upgraded phones recently. Was such a convenient pop up when using Line or WeChat. The work arounds suck.

If you have better ways to do it, you are welcome to share!

Same here. It works on regular websites, but not for line. Now I’m missing all the gossip in my house line group

A criticism of Google and Android! Thanks for the ideas but I miss my popup! I wonder if there are solutions involving the dreaded rooting?!

I heard there is a solution but I’m not sure.

I’m going to wait and see if Google or someone comes up with a work around before I do anything drastic

This is my work around right now.

  • Open two apps at one time on the screen.
  • Use shortcut to open two instantly.

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That’s an solution, indeed!
But do you like it better than having the bubble on top all the time?

The bubble is the best of all.

Well, you still can have the bubble, but it always stay in top of other apps.
Wouldn’t you prefer this than have a split screen?

I no longer have bubble access at all, but the “tap to translate” function is still in the Google Tranlate app, so expecting maybe they will allow it again.

I’ve triple checked all settings like “allow on top”, etc.

When I have “tap to translate” on, the bubble comes back. It’s just that it won’t go away…

And here it is:

Okay I found a solution. It had turned off when updated to the new software.

Yes now the bubble is persistent always on the screen.

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Thanks for the help.

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I’ve been using the Pleco screen reader bubble instead. It works ok because you can look up characters more quickly by tapping on the characters and the other Pleco functions are all available at the same time including save as flashcard. Then if you want to translate a whole sentence, long press the sentence instead and a menu pops up then tap on Translate and it opens the Google tap to translate half screen window with the translation.

Still need to have the Pleco bubble on screen all the time but its far less intrusive as the Google bubble and a lot more powerful than just using Google tap to translate.

I have the paid Pleco bundle so Im not sure if that helps all that work.

How so?
Aren’t both just a small bubble on your screen?

Yeah I guess it’s just a personal preference then. The Pleco bubble is a few mm smaller and being rectangular sits more flush on the side. I can move it around the screen, the Google bubble I can only move up and down on my phone. The Pleco bubble being transparent I can read whats under it.

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Being transparent definitely makes it less intrusive. I had Pleco installed and didn’t know about this function!
The other features are also great.
I think I just found a replacement for Google Translate…
Thanks, @knob :bowing:

I’m looking for info to turn on pleco bubbles all I found was this.

Upside Down Pleco Fish? Floating Top of Water?