Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant (GB美式餐廳 )

Gordon Biersch opened one of their brewpub restaurants in Taipei this week. Gordon Biersch is a brewpub originally from Palo Alto, CA, US. They serve their own beers, though I’m not sure if they make them on-site as in the US or if they import them. Food includes garlic fries, steak, pasta, sandwiches, pizza and others. The menu and decor look identical to their US restaurants and I’m planning on going tonight to see how it actually compares.

Location: Shinkong Mitsukoshi A11 2F (in the back), Xinyi District, Taipei.
(A11 is the one directly across from Vieshow Theaters)
Web site: gordonbiersch.com.tw/

I definitely hold a grudge against the wankers for having a Chinese-only local website. :raspberry:

But it looks good. I notice it’s a large company with at least 37 restaurants under several names, including RockBottom Brewery, which has a great brewpub in Portland (I was in Portland for just a couple days a few years ago and liked it so much I ate there twice).

So I, for one, look forward to giving it a try. Thanks for the tip.

Their menu is bilingual though.

jlick; so how was it?

Hmm . . . worth checking out.

There was a review of this place in last Friday’s Taipei Times.

taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … 2003414565

According to this article, jlick, the beer will be made in a new brewery in Xindian.

I went Friday night. Enjoyed the bier, but the food was unremarkably American chain a la Chili’s or Friday’s. Granted it had more depth; they do steak frites, after all, not just steak and fries. Burgers, pizza, steaks and pastas, the usual apetizers like wings, etc.

Actually, I had never heard of the place before it appeared here in Taipei and was expecting something more along the lines of a german bierhaus; bratwurst, pigs knuckles, sauerkraut and the like. Guess that was my mistake. The place was buzzing, though. They’re going to be on the scene for awhile.

Edit: They have a taster’s menu for beer that I actually missed out on. I didn’t see it on the menu, and it wasn’t suggested. You can sample each of their brews in about 5oz samples served on a tray; the way to go if you want a taste of each. They also have a few barstools and tables outside, which will make it a nice stop for a drink after a movie at the Vieshow.

Thanks guys.

I had looked over the online menu and it did seem very TGI Fridays or Chili’s. I’ll go check out the beers though.

What an odd play for Gordon Biersch to come to TP…

Especially if this is their first international branch like the Taipei Times wrote.

Wonder if the Xindian brewery will have retail sales. :beer:

Do you know where it is? I thought Taoyuan was the closest brewery.

I went twice last week and was very impressed with the beer. As mentioned previously, they don’t make it in the restaurant as they do in the US but it is made locally and the quality seems to be very good. I would say that the food quality is better than the typical US chain, but it is only the beer that is German style, not the food. If you are more interested in the beer than the food, there is also a bar area. Service quality was a bit mixed both times, but it was their first week, so I’ll reserve judgment on that until they’ve been open a while longer.

For some reason the beer sampler is only on the Chinese menu. Also you are supposed to get six sample glasses, but because they don’t have a seasonal selection currently, you are supposed to try the regular five and then you can request another glass of whichever you liked best. However the staff are not very good about communicating that. If you aren’t familiar with Gordon Biersch, this is an excellent way to get to try all their selections.

Do you know where it is? I thought Taoyuan was the closest brewery.[/quote]

No, just read what it said in the TT review from the link posted above. :idunno:

Well, with the new Sex In The City movie coming out on Friday, I know where I’ll be, trying to find some courage before the 2hrs of punishment that my girl will most likely insist on me taking her to… :unamused: Wonder if I can get a few roadies? :smiley:

I went last night.

There are 4 sections – bar, main dining, curtained room for parties or overflow, and four tables outside. We first sat outside. The tables are high and very unstable. They wobble with any contact. I don’t think it would be possible to eat outside if you need to cut your food.

I only saw one type of menu and it had English dish names but the descriptions and everything else was in Chinese.

After a drink we moved inside to the back of the main dining area. They are extremely brave to have an open kitchen. Sitting in the back provides a clear view of the prep and cooking action. The kitchen appeared very professional and handled the pressure well. Not an easy accomplishment to find a crew that can pull it off in Taiwan.

Another coup is that they pulled in 4 of Chili’s best staff. Their guidance to the other staff is noticeable. Smart move. The staff is energetic to almost the point of exuberance.

We had the full rack of ribs ($830), Chicken cashew salad ($390), and Southwest egg rolls ($280). The ribs come with garlic fries and cole slaw. Neither was anything special. The meat quality was good but the ribs were very dry. The salad was non-descript iceberg. Egg rolls were bland.

I started off with the beer sampler ($230). Like jlick says they bring you five and you get one more of your choice. The beers are Golden Export, Hefeweizen, Czech Lager, Märzen, and Schwarzbier.

IN MY OPINION :laughing: - The Golden Export makes Taiwan Beer look like a stout. It also has a slight chemical taste. The Hefeweizen is slightly too sweet. The Czech Lager has a strong MiJou nose. Smell the glass. The Schwarzbier leaves a chalky residue in your mouth. It is close to a half-and-half. The only beer that I would consider drinkable for me was the Märzen. It is closest in flavor to a standard ale.

They have a glassed case when you come in the door reserved for VIP customers where they will put your special individual glass and your name on a plate.

Also, even though the Taipei Times and jlick have said the beer is made in a brewery in Xindian, I was told that the brewery won’t start producing until July. In the interim they have imported the beer from the U.S. Kind of disappointing since the quality is not that great and the beers gave me the same impression as the other places that “make” their own beer (jolly pub, deluxe, etc.). Little flavor and a lingering chemical aftertaste.

I was also told the owner is the president of Hsinchu’s Wong Xi Technology. Supposedly he has been in negotiations for ten years to get a branch. The head office was concerned about maintaining quality. They plan to open next in China (10 branches) and Hong Kong.

The total with the beer sampler, 3 pints, 2 ice coffees, 1 lemonade, ribs, salad, and egg rolls was $2,981. A little steep for the lackluster food.

I agree with citizen k – unremarkable American chain food. The atmosphere and no-risk food makes you feel like you are in an airport terminal bar. Not bad but not good. An average experience.

Well, with the new Sex In The City movie coming out on Friday, I know where I’ll be, trying to find some courage before the 2hrs of punishment that my girl will most likely insist on me taking her to… :unamused: Wonder if I can get a few roadies? :smiley:[/quote]

Oh God, you too? Maybe we should just get too drunk to leave and the women can go by themselves?

Excellent review and useful info, as usual, elektonsik.

BTW, it might have been me (and not jlick) who mentioned the beer being brewed in Xindian–I had based my info on the Taipei Times article. Thanks for the clarification of this.

I still think I will go and give it a look at some point, but without too high of expectations. I’d like to try the beer sampler and one of their burgers.

I definitely will not be combining a visit there with a viewing of “Sex and the City: The Movie,” however. :wink:

I had also mentioned that it was brewed locally. That was based on a brief discussion with some of the foreign staff working in the restaurant. They didn’t say where exactly but that it was brewed in Taiwan. They didn’t mention anything about the current batch being imported. If they aren’t brewing locally yet, I hope they can keep up the quality once they do.

Thanks for the clarification, jlick.

Just didn’t want you to take the blame for something I thought you hadn’t mentioned (if that makes any sense).

In any case, I look forward to trying this beer, whether it is imported or brewed locally (any new beer is a welcome addition to the city).

Ah…looking at the article again, it says “to be made” at a brewery in Xindian…my bad! :blush: