GoShare electric scooter share

I’m loving this GoShare (https://www.ridegoshare.com/) scheme. Although I’ve talked about it under another topic I thought I’d start a dedicated thread.

The App: The app is easy-to-use, visually clean, and uses impeccable English. A map shows where available scooters are located in real time, as well as the location of Gogoro battery stations. There are simple instructions on how to rent, operate, and return the scooters. You can reserve a scooter for up to ten minutes. There’s also a bell icon that will cause the scooter to flash its lights and make an electronic sound to help you locate it, especially helpful at night.

The Scooters They are Gogoros, but I’m not sure which model, maybe 2? Two helmets and a cleaning rag are included in the seat compartment. The info panel indicates the battery levels and driving range remaining (This is also indicated on the app when you search for scooters). They seem to have an 80km range at full batteries.

You use the app to unlock and temporarily lock the bikes, as well as complete the rental. Of course, they’re all new now. I waiting to see the maintenance procedure in due time.

The Cost Currently, the first six minutes are free, then it’s 2.5NT per minute. Fees are based on time, not distance. You pay by the credit card you entered when registering the app. I don’t know if other payment types are accepted.

Parking You must park the scooter in a legal place, of course. Usually it’s been no problem, but once it took me 8 minutes to find a spot, so you need to keep that in mind if you’re on a time constraint.

Problems? The app has an easy to use Issue Report button. So far I’ve used it only once, when I discovered a parking fee slip attached to a scooter I had reserved. I sent a message and went to another bike to rent. There is a FAQ section on the app; however, it’s in Chinese and I haven’t had a chance to translate it.

If you finish your ride and the battery level is at one bar, the system will not show the scooter as available to rent after you park (I tested this out). I assume they have workers going around replacing batteries in situations like this. In fact, they recently had a promotion: If you changed the batteries when they were at 2 bars or less, you got a discount on the rental fee.

I used GoShare all last week. The one-way cost from home to work ranged from 18 to 25 NT. Although I initially just wanted to test the system, I’m continuing to use it as I feel 50NT/day is worth it to reduce air pollutants.



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is it still only in taoyuan? sounds like it works exactly like wemo. but way better bikes. these services are great anyway. i’ve been using wemo a bunch. i hope this type of thing continues to grow, its made my life a lot easier.

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You’ll still get people saying…Too expensive :grin:
There’s a monthly fee though right? Or there’s no monthly fee?

How we doing with those pics man? Before Xmas? Can I help with a telethon or have you got a couple of bucks under the mattress? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing!
For some reason, the website link you’ve provided had all placeholders but no text. But it’s okay, just select one language at bottom of the page and it reloads accordingly.

Do you know what’s Wemo covered area?

Wemo: Current Operating Area : All districts in Taipei City. Districts in New Taipei City: Banqiao, Xindian, Zhonghe, Yonghe. (Keep following us as we continue working hard to expand our operating area)


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No monthly fee. You only pay for what you use, 2.5NT per minute, first 6 minutes free.


I read that kashoiung is going to be open this month. Hope there are more areas in taipei too!

Only in Taoyuan, basically Taoyuan District, Zhongli, the HSR station, and Guishan.

I can’t believe I didn’t know about wemo. Thanks for the info!

Brilliant…If anybody moans after that…:joy:

Does it work with arc id numbers?

Yes, but it might require extra steps for big noses, as was my case…

When you register your account on the app, the app will use your phone’s camera to scan your driver’s license and ID. I got an error message about my ID, but my Taiwan driver’s license went through no problem. I assume it was because of the common hangup here, “someone neglected to include ARCs as ID in the software.”

You can contact customer support chat through the app about this. I got a message back that said (in Chinese) that I needed to take photos of the front and back of my driver’s license and ARC and send it by email, for them to check manually. That allowed me to finish the registration.

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:+1: sounds like fun folks
Enjoy those scooters.
Be safe :joy:

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I don’t live in Taoyuan but I registered to check it out.
In the app you can scan ID and drivers license.
The app notified that there was a problem with the ID (ARC) after a while and to contact support.

I opened in app support chat, gave them my mobile I registered with and they verified it within minutes.


Ah, so it wasn’t just me then. Glad you got it worked out.

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They started in Taipei too. I’m using WeMo from beginning and sometimes iRent. GoShrare definitely has best scooter but helmet is terrible and without visor. Also for now there are no hourly or monthly rates.


Great news! Goshare just expanded to Taipei!

They also updated their app.