Gospel and spiritual songs

Many singers in the US and other places honed their skills in church. In certain moods, I very much enjoy listening to these songs. I especially like the covers done by amateurs.


I guess nobody’s too interested in this kind of music. I guess no real surprise. But you’re missing a lot of great stuff.

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Maybe if they added some drum machines


This just made me think of Moby :dizzy_face:

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Makes me think of this guy. From the Caribbean, but you can tell that by his music.

I actually am a fan. Will listen when I have time!

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Try this for a different kind of gospel song

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The very ironic thing is that song reminds me a bit of Dio’s Holy Diver! I personally never got into Christian rock. I have a friend that really likes it (goes to concerts with his daughter, for example).

i remember a couple from my school days…

one goes

down at the river they were singing and praying, saying lord won’t you come and wash my sins away…

the other goes

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This is more of my thing.

Listening to gospel music ‘unexpectedly’ linked to several maladaptive traits

This is a Taiwan board. Someone post some aboriginal Gospel songs.

Why, you got any?

No, I’m looking for them.

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Lord have mercy.

Lyrics in Puyuma. Music adapted from a traditional Puyuma hymn.

Performed by Samingad Blubluone and Auli Blubluone, two sisters from the Sakuban Puyuma village.

Samingad Blubluone once said in an interview that it is her dream to perform this song for the pope. I think John Paul II was still the pontiff then.


I love this singer, G.E.M. This is the best version of Hallelujah I’ve ever heard.


I know you are.