Gossip on 美河市 (MeiHas building) in Xiaobitan

My partner and I want to move close to Xiaobitan and we have been looking at apartments around the area. However, we noticed something strange about most apartment descriptions in 591 in 美河市 building. All of them have a similar description, the same cellphone contact number, but the landlord name is different for each of them. Is there something shady going on in this building? (Other than the ghost stories and company that built it)

Probably an agent.

@Icon will likely be along soon to fill you in with fantastical stories of corruption and espionage. There was also talk of turning over a large number of apartments to “social housing” so do your due diligence.

Why that area in particular? There is a huge amount of construction going on on ZhongYang road, the MRT station there is not particularly convenient and will be mobbed once all the high-rises nearby are completed. Traffic is a real PITA at peak hours and at the weekend. There are nicer places to live in Xindian.

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What is your preferred 'hood?


One positive might be easy access to riverside park.

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Wait, what’s the deal with the company that built it and the ghost stories? I looked at an apartment there once. It was nice but it was filthy and not worth the rent.

It’s because my partner’s new job is located there and our contract in our current place is ending in September and we have to leave as they are renovating the building. Also, I would prefer somewhere that has easier access to the riverside because I go everywhere by bike (rain or shine) and rarely use the MRT.

It isn’t particularly easy to access the riverside from there, although it’s obviously close, I guess it depends on your frame of reference.

OK, makes sense if there is no commute. Personally I wouldn’t live in MeiHas, there are lots of other, better, community buildings around and tons of walk ups.

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What’s wrong with MeiHas? Do you live there?

Actually there’s a pedestrian/bike overbridge from MeiHas communty to the riverside area.


As long as daily life is not affected and atoga keeps to himself, all izz well, right?

All those things are rife in Taiwan.

Hmmm, you mentioned murder, corruption, party favours etc. All those things are rife in Taiwan.

I’ve lived in MeiHas for over 3 years and made many friends and acquaintances here. Gets a bit boring when people keep banging on about a place they know NOTHING about.


So it’s also a place to meet people and make friends. Maybe some of the lonely’s should move in.

Wonder how it is in the MILF and DILF department or maybe for singles in general.

‘fantastical’ being the operative word here.

So, are you trying to imply that poor, smelly people might move in?

Xiaobitan MRT is a 5 minute walk from my apartment, or I can go the other way and walk 12 minutes to Hsindien City Hall station.

Tell me anywhere in Taipei/New Taipei where traffic is NOT a PITA at peak hours. Actually, I can get on to the freeway very quickly from Hehuan road, which also goes directly into Taipei along the riverside.

Like where? My place is on the river side, from my outside balcony I can see from the mountains of Wulai right round to Guanyinshan.

It appears to be a secret, nobody knows.

Yeah, we all live in filth here.

Takes me a couple of minutes over the bridge connecting this place with the riverside. What’s your frame of reference?
To the OP, I wouldn’t rely on uninformed opinion when deciding on a place to live. Why don’t you just go and see a few vacancies and see for yourself? Good luck.


Yeah, I think you’d fit right in.

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I wasn’t bashing your apartment. The place I saw was nice, but the landlord didn’t take care of it. Was trying to charge 28k/month for a 19ping place coated in dust, mold, and grease. It’s like he didn’t clean after the last tenant at all. The common areas were fine.

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No probs. :wink:

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I didn’t say they was anything wrong with it.

I obviously don’t and, given a choice, would not want to live there. If you’re happy living there that’s fine, continue to enjoy.

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Funny! Every point you made was negative. Your whole post said - ‘I don’t like it’. In spite of seemingly having no knowledge of the place.