Graves in Canada

Catholic writer at The American Conservative writes piece justifying graves of children at churches as a good thing.

This is not to discount the deaths of children altogether. Of course, it would have been better if each and every one of the First Nations tykes Christianized by the union of Church and state had lived a long and happy life. But it is absolutely to discount the blame fixed on the Church by vicious opportunists.

Likewise, the certain fact that souls were saved by the missionaries, the enduring belief of Christians that the Gospel is true and must be spread, is paramount; everything else is secondary.

Whatever good was present at the Ossossané ossuary—where those who had not yet encountered the fullness of Truth honored their dead as best they knew how—is increased a thousandfold in the cemeteries of the residential schools, where baptized Christians were given Christian burials. Whatever natural good was present in the piety and community of the pagan past is an infinitesimal fraction of the grace rendered unto those pagans’ descendants who have been received into the Church of Christ. Whatever sacrifices were exacted in pursuit of that grace—the suffocation of a noble pagan culture; an increase in disease and bodily death due to government negligence; even the sundering of natural families—is worth it .

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Watch all caucasians get shit on for this tyranny. It was horrible, and punishments should be served. But im not sure punishung an entire race is wise, and i worry canada might go that direction.

At the same time i ask my canadian family and friends, who are so angry about this, how they feel about their made in china phone they are typing their anger on. Probably the general public wasnt all in on burrying bodies, but they went along with the church and government anyway. Much like now.

Its a tragedy. One canada needs to right. at the same time this exact same shit is happening right now and the first nations (and everyone) are literally supporting that via buying certain products. The irony is dumbfounding. I dont understand how we have become so naive. This is why i support environmental causes now, human rights seems to be a joke the world over, and its fustrating to the point we almost just deserve it as a species.


I spent quite a few of my teenage years in Kamloops and did an archeology dig near where the bodies were found at the residential school in Kamloops (where an old Hudson’s Bay fort was located).

The article is horseshit–give the church a pass and blame the government for underfunding? In these residential schools, nuns shoved kids faces in urine. They couldn’t speak their own language and were taken away from parents. Philips Andover it was not. It was the church’s direct fault although the government certainly did underfund.

I do disagree with some of the fallout from this. They are renaming my high school in Alberta because of the bishop’s role in early residential schools. They want to tear down statues of Sir John A etc. Vital-Justin Grandin - Wikipedia. While some of the renaming is probably appropriate, there is often a tendency these days to go overboard.

If the French did this, half of Bordeaux would need to be renamed (built on the slave trade).


But… they got to believe in Jesus so it was okay

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I cant understand it either. canadians can blame a race and do a self imposed guilt trip while being against racism. Meanwhile the churches get a pass??? Im not giving the first nations a pass on their treatment to rival tribes, but the church was pretty hardcore bad back then. Then again, they are fine now a days with raping kids, so the world has shown once again it doesnt matter. Its just about likes. Given the similarities, Im a bit shocked how the ccp and the churcches dont get along better. Same shit, different smell if there has ever been a better example.

I find it curious the double standard that is almost always applied in Canada now. It seriously worries me to the point i second guess supporing legalizing weed…


Don’t get me started. When I see dumb Canadian backpackers laud Canada’s legalisation, I understand why they aren’t intellectual powerhouses.

It legalizes usage in narrow scopes, but expands penalties harshly if you slightly go out of these scopes. Any libertarian minded person, should see it for what it is --pandering to the masses without true liberalisation.

It would be analogous to an upper middle class Berkeley hippy lauding Reagan’s War on Drugs because of lighter sentences for cocaine than crack. Never happened given their dislike of Reagan but these legalisations are solely for the affluent recreational user.

Dumb users like it because they can smoke it and grow small amounts, but if they accidentally give it to an underage person, grow plants in plain view, etc. or have more copious amounts, they are royally fucked.

How Canadian a trait to promote something so average in the way we promote Tim Hortons, our CBC ingenues and now our weed laws (the weed itself is pretty good :laughing: or so I have heard).


Love Tucker, and some fair points are made… Canada is socialist, right? Some of the reaction doesn’t surprise me, but the residential school atrocities haven’t been forgiven or forgotten. Canadian version of reparations needed?

Very disappointing that Trudeau and other national leaders have not criticized the church burning from the very start. Understand the anger over the residential school deaths over half a century ago and longer, but the lawlessness and property damage?

Throw the fucking book at the perpetrators, not respond like the jackass head at the BC Civil Liberties Association. That she has not been fired, when their funding partly comes from government sources, illustrates the socialist provincial acceptance for such vitriol (although some NDP members have criticized it). She should be fired immediately.


Surprised people are not burning more churches to be honest. I assume most of these churches are in the middle of nowhere where no one is going to stop you?


Sad to see Canada emulate Germany and Spain in the 30s. I understand the outrage against the church but not property destruction and lawlessness. And people in high positions saying burn it down–outrageous.

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Well, if you want to make yourself to be some kind of morally superior paragon, you have to do better. Otherwise people are liable to get a little upset. I would like to think I’d be trying to get people to take a more reasoned view, but it’s not really surprising.



What was interesting in the Fox interview with Levant was the reference to the fires in Lytton, which have been tied to the high temperatures (but Levant alluded to possible arson). Those fires resulted in lives lost and massive property damage.

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I saw about one just north of Edmonton, was that it?

They’re teaching this in schools, a big part of faculties of education now. We have a (w)hole thread on this topic

We have Truth and Reconciliation.

It is a very tricky problem, because there is no dollar amount that we can just pay and move on. On one hand, Canadians have stolen the country and can’t afford to retroactively buy it which is fine because some Indigenous just want all the Europeans to go back where they came from; on the other hand Canadians can’t responsibly hand over the money because drug and alcohol use is rampant and history shows some Indigenous will destroy themselves with it; the spectrum in between includes perfectly well adjusted Indigenous who benefit greatly from the system and enjoy being Canadians in the modern world.

Step 1 is admitting there is a problem, which Canada is doing a better job of; these horrific findings are not at all surprising and will help to accelerate seeding into the Canadian consciousness an understanding of what has been done, but reparations are a long shot.

And anyways, the Catholic church bears a lot of the responsibility but will never pay up.

Different fire, Lytton is in BC and recently set a record for highest temperature ever recorded in Canada. Trains might be the culprit, investigators haven’t ruled anything out yet:


VANCOUVER: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday (Jul 2) denounced the burning and vandalism of Catholic churches that has followed discovery of unmarked graves and former schools for [Indigenous children]

(Indigenous groups in Canada reports more bodies at school - CNA).


A little too late for my liking and saying it is understandable? Fuck I miss Harper.

Yes, it’s true that Justin Trudeau has also said that the burning and destruction of churches is “unacceptable and wrong,” but by saying it is also “understandable,” the PM undermines his mild condemnation of what is going on.

Trudeau only spoke of what has been happening on July 2, almost three weeks after this spate of attacks on churches started. The first arson that I heard of — that was related to the discovery of unmarked graves at residential school sites — was St. John’s Tuscaroras, an Anglican chapel set ablaze on June 12.
LILLEY: Trudeau explains away arson attacks on churches | Toronto Sun

I hope thats sarcasm about missing harper, he was a complete twat. Not saying justin is ok, but harper was a tool that should go back to the tar sands rock in alberta he crawled out of.

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I’d vote for Ho Chi Minh’s momma or Whitney Houston’s dead choda before I’d vote Trudeau.

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All good points. The issue is that many of us white, black, yellow and any othe color that isnt first nations were mostly born there. you cant have this hypocrisy and expect resepct. yes i know ther is another thread for this, but i dont want to go there vecause this is about canada specifically.

There are real issues and they need mending. As you said, i completely agree with the difficulties. But you just cant call innocent people being born of the skin pigment the problem. That is racism and is retarded as well as just making the same problem 30 years down the road. So solve the problem, but without racism. This seems hard for canadian society to grasp. At least officially and in the like world.

If the idea that colonizers need to fuck off back to their ancestral lands, i guess the world is headed back to africa then, first nations .included. this arument is the definition of various mental disorders. They fought each other as well, its not like they are saints. We are all people, and generally all of our ethnic groups have blood on their historical hands. We cant hold grudges for things people now never did and are actually vocally against. Just entitled and self centered if thats the narrative.

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Well, i would just vote green or ndp before i vote justin or harper…remember harper is the fugtard that took away our voting rights and sent apologies to bush for not helping invade iraq. He is the definition of peice of shit.