Great Canadian TV Shows.


Something I never thought I would type.

Reminds me a bit of Outsourced, not PC, down to Earth. Charming. :+1:


What are the top 10 Canadian TV shows ever?


If this is a challenge, let’s say that the show has to have been made in Canada by Canadans, not like Family Ties, because you know, Alex is Canadian. :wink:


Well this is kind of funny, I search for Canadian TV shows and Google asks me if I want to translate


I’m enjoying Orphan Black. It’s pretty cheesy, as a lot of sci-fi is, but I like the humor (sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s intentional or not). And the lead actress does a convincing job of playing five or six clones with different personalities.


S’not on Netflix, so it doesn’t exist.


Guess you’ll just have to wait till Netflix gets swallowed up by Amazon Prime. :sunglasses:


There’s a lot you can stream for free from CBC, but it may give you a “not available in your country” message if you’re not in the GWN. :doh:

While I’m here, I’ll give Cathy’s show another plug.



I’d go with the tried and true: Trailer Park Boys.


Old school


I liked Little Mosque on the Prairie.


The funnies


Are these what people watch when they are stoned?


I think it’s a fair candidate


My votes: “Trailer Park Boys,” “This Hour Has 22 Minutes (in the '90s),” “SCTV,” “The Littlest Hobo (for the sake of nostalgia),” “The Fifth Estate (documentary),” and “Live It Up!” Thumbs up to anyone else who remembers and enjoyed “Live it up!” and thinks it would be great fun to visit the LC and then play the VLTs with Bubbles.


Corner Gas, I’m the first to mention it? It’s even a cartoon now. The original series is one of my favorites.


Can we count The X Files in this list? Other than Sculder and Mully, just about every actor on the show was Canadian. Shot entirely in Canada. Even the ancillary agents are all named after streets in YVR.


I think it counts, but the lack of production quality and lacklustre plot always put me off.


By pure coincidence, I just finished watching all 2 seasons. What a great show! I love how Ah-Pa is true to his roots while trying to figure Canadian culture out ( his gay discount for pride week is a perfect example).

They have recently been renewed for 2 more seasons as well - if you want to have your mind blown, watch the talk about this with cast members on … None of them have accents! So weird …