Great cell phone calling plan - won't sell to foreigners

OK. So I know this topic has appeared on here before and that’s why I am asking for your input. I am looking for a second phone contract and found a great deal - exactly what I want.

They don’t want to sell it to me because I do not have a “Taiwan ID!” :frowning_face:
I have an ARC, job, salary, pay taxes, etc. They said, “just have a friend put it in their name.” No, I do not want monkey business solutions. I am a grown adult who takes care of my own things.
Has anyone gotten around this and if so can you kindly share how?

This isn’t exactly true. I had a plan with them in my name. They will accept that with Taiwanese guarantor. I refuse to use guarantors and so filed a complaint with the NCC and we came to a compromise.
I had to give them a $2400 deposit for a year. Last I heard they then made it a policy. It sucks but better than using a guarantor or a friend’s name.

Go back in and tell them to call head office and ask for the foreigner deposit option.


This is very good to know. Thanks for doing this.

Hold on hold on hold on. I didn’t fight for FIVE MONTHS harassing the company just so they can tell you no foreigners. It is company policy to accept foreigners and you do NOT NEED to go to the NCC.

@dan2006, you know of my fight. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I went a different way and went to the NCC. It also worked. I think we were using different channels at the same time.
Currently though a fight shouldn’t be needed, just the store needs to get better read on their own rules

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No. I went to the NCC 5 times and parliament to get the rules changed for EVERYONE. It shouldn’t have to be an NCC trip every time to get the secret plan. I put my blood, sweat and tears into ending this.


As I said before you go about it differently. When I file complaints and go after companies, I also share the methods to get the same. It’s not just for my benefit as a one off. It’s also to encourage others here to stand up for their rights, and give a PITA to companies to make them think twice. They count on most foreigners tucking tail and leaving

It took two visits to their offices , twice to NCC and multiple calls to come up with a deposit offer.
Edit: not trying to discredit you, what you do works well


Right, but that’s where it ends. They get the concession and go on their merry way. I put in effort to make sure that this shit ends at the store and that there remains no more problems at the store. If there are. They’re going to have a HUGE problem on their hands from yours truly.


Sure but the issue is that there are no real enforceable discrimination laws in Taiwan. Yes the Constitution says, but government doesn’t follow that.
If APTG decides tomorrow that they don’t want foreigners and are willing to take the heat from the MP, that’s it unless you sue them and win. In the absence of strong anti discrimination laws it is an uphill battle

But their policy was changed by me. So if they think they will change it back. They’re going to have a WHOLE NEW WORLD of hurt.

I will NOT LET my efforts go in vain.


Unless you have proof of that in writing. Likely they didn’t want the mafan as they had an MP after them and me calling daily. Easier to just back off. Again unless the law itself is changed, it’s what we deal with sadly

I have a whole topic and the proof. I threw nothing away.

Well the reader can decide what actions to take. Godspeed

Edit. I looked back at what I said and I didn’t take credit for them changing the policy… my words

“Last I heard they then made it a policy.”. It was offered to me and a few weeks later it was in writing, due to you calling the MP. So I’m not taking credit for the change.
However everyone that knows me on here knows I’ve been advocating foreigners here to call government agencies to advocate for their rights for years, if you look at my thread history. Why? Because MaFan works.

Thanks for your efforts, which were not small! However, I could not find the rule you posted in an older thread on the Q&A section of the current website, although my Chinese is not good, so maybe I missed it.

The offer I want is available online only, which means the foreign ARC numbers are not accepted by the system.

How to crack this nut? It will require need someone with enough authority to issue this online offer “manually” or even better, override the setting for the Taiwan only ID number format to include foreign ARC holders.

Marco will reply separately but this was my initial issue with them. Those online offers are only available online and don’t take ARC. In my original complaint to them, a manager (i tried to find her name in my emails but i deleted it) agreed to override this and sent the online price to the store for me to sign. It seemed to be a hugeeee deal for them but they did it eventually.
One thing that I did notice is that if you go in store, they have similar deals that are only marginally more expensive if you want to save a big argument. If you want to and have spare time, give them a call and try to speak to a manager and insist on the online deal and failing that email the NCC but this generally will take a week or so for them to finally relent if they repeat what they did for me to you. Other carriers like Taiwan Telecom do this too, 2 year contract for foreigners, but a 1 year online deal for locals… Burns my britches.


Thanks. Which shop location did you go to?
I’d go to the same one you had success at, since the one yesterday told me to take a hike.

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I went to a place in Taichung
No. 194之1號, Section 3, Sanmin Road, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan 404
They might not remember me because that was 2 years ago.
I’ve sent the head office an email just now, said that a friend wants the same deal and how to go about it. I’ll let you know if and when they reply. If no reply in a day I’ll call them.

Just got a reply.
They are up to their old tricks again with different rates for locals vs foreigners. If it was me I’d remind them that they overrode it for me before. But keep in mind their store rates are pretty close, usually a few cents more so maybe not worth your time to complain.

Thank you for your mail.

We still offer foreigner customers apply monthly contract sign up need to deposit 2400 and only in our store.
ESHOP’s promotion is only for Taiwanese.
If your friend would like to choose our telecom please visit our store.
If you need further assistance, please contact us at or via 0809-050-982 toll-free number.

Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd
Customer Service Center

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Thanks for your efforts to get a solution. I went to another shop yesterday and tried just what you suggested about getting the home office to override. Sadly for me they refused. Oh well. :neutral_face:

Or you could choose to support a company that doesn’t actively discriminate. Taiwan Mobile will happily offer any plan to non-citizens–even the “online only” deals are available in-store if you ask.

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