Group date dilemma and where to go to eat and who/what to pay

  • Go along with the group and pay 1/5 of the bill
  • Pay for only what you ordered
  • Let your future lover pay

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So my friend, she does not eat animals. Went eat to with 5 people and they eat meat. She did not have much options on a shared table of food as most dishes had meat. The total was $6000, so each person paid $1,200 which she thought was not fair her her. She paid, but a surprise date for her (a set up dinner, a Brit) offered to pay (she like many girls my age prefer at least on a first date to pay within reason). I told her she should paid less, what do you think? Last seems she a new BF who lives in Hsinchu, so any good British food places with good vegi options, she was asking me when he comes south.

Where will you go to eat?


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Sorry, updated the comments.

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I would find it strange and uncomfortable to invite someone to dinner and then expect them to pay half.


The polite thing for her to do was offer to pay the $1,200, but it would have been totally acceptable (albeit a little awkward) for her to argue she should pay less - she’s right that it was unfair.

Less acceptable is the rudeness of the rest of the group - they should definitely have told her she should pay less, without any prompting or requests from her, since she wasn’t eating the meat.

I don’t really understand who invited who. If someone invited her, sort of the same really: she should have politely offered to pay (and meant it); but if the invitee wanted to pay, probably let them.


Yes, she did the polite thing (I would said something about paying less, but I am not as polite as her). It was her three friends + a man as a blind date, so her three friends asked join them for dinner.


So any suggestions on a place. I was thing to telling her Arkansas as it near her dates hotel (Marriott) but was not sure about no meat options.

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Those “friends” are assholes.

Forumosa members used to do the Indian Restaurant dining thing and I think we just ordered and split the bill. We all shared some food.

I had a good meal here once, will probably go back: Google Maps

There is also here, where I had a burger that wasn’t great, don’t plan to go back:

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Lucky fellow.

Rule of thumb:

Blind date = yes
Group date = No

1 + 1 sex = yes
Group sex = no

Group activity other than sex or dating is ok

Group activity should be Dutch
Group sex is German (they say)

As to this particular situ she should have ordered at least one dish that she likes instead of allowing only dishes she doesn’t eat

She should not go to meals with that particular group anymore unless she gets some dishes she likes


Thanks, I will pass along the info


The whole German speaking area and Sweden.

There was usually a set menu and a set price, with discounted beer.

If it’s a group of friends that hangs out, split the bill and assume it evens out eventually.


Not fair though if one person is vegetarian and the guy ordering puts piles of meat on the table. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



not if you can not eat the expensive dishes. She likes aubergine.


Assumes. :wink: Because good friends don’t track their balance. Or she can be the one friend in the group that’s always tracking costs and making sure the balance is even. That’s always fun.

(Of course the flip side is that the other friends make sure to pick up the tab for her if she’s noticeably eating much cheaper foods all the time. That’s why I caveated it with if it’s friends.)

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I had a meal with work colleagues once. Some I knew, but others worked at different branches. We split the bill. It was like 280 each but people put in three hundred. They didn’t have change. One girl sat there until the end, counted the money and said that she doesn’t need to put any in because there was more than enough in the pot already.haha. Some people are crazy.

What she should have done was get some change from the waiter when she paid and handed it out. Or at least attempt to.