Guaranteed business idea that will make you big bucks in taiwan. Three words

uber for maids. there is none in taiwan and a pain in the butt.

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Yes, and many of them don’t know how to use google maps or take a taxi. This would be very helpful.

Dashcam uploader assassin.


Do you remember all the legal issues actual Uber had with the Taiwanese government? Throw in a labor force that’s largely working under the table, and I wonder how that’d work out…


Unless the customer is paying for it, most of them don’t make enough to take Uber.

Oh and you should realize that anyone who wishes to be an Uber driver must obtain a taxi license, and the cars registration is different (they have a red lettered plate).

I use Uber only because the fare is known ahead of time, so I like it better than hailing a taxi.

Yes I’ve offered to pay before but they refuse. They don’t know how.

Jesus guys, reach behind your heads and flick the switch to on. OP means an app where you order a maid to come round. Not an app for maids to use for transport.

Or are they the same thing?

Anyway count me in.


That’s a cleaning company then, not Uber for maids. You would have to make deals with sanitation companies around Taiwan to be included into the platform. Most will have company cars or vans for the purpose.

It won’t be a small undertaking, this is VC or whatever type thing. Means you’ll be doing more than asking on a forum.

What do you think “Uber for maids” means? A taxi app where you can book rides for maids to get around? Obviously there’s cleaning involved.


Actually to get this off the ground you’d contract with hotels to provide cleaning service, or take over an existing cleaning service. Then you’d pivot to provide cleaning service to individual homes or whatever. I’m not sure Taiwan is good for getting this off the ground, tourism is too small here. You’d probably do better in countries like Thailand, then use the growth to expand to other countries.

It needs to be big.

What does tourism have to do with anything?

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I think the OP is going to need to use more than three words to explain the business concept.


Tourism drives hotels, hotels need housekeeping. Either that or link up with cleaning companies.

Or create an app where people can order maids. On Uber.


Turtle racing cafe


I don’t think “Uber for maids” means providing regular/full-time cleaners to hotels.

Fucken genius. Quick start a thread. :wall:


You realize maids will be bringing equipments, vacuums, brooms, bags and cleaning equipment? They’re going to need more than an Uber ride.

This shit easily fits in a boot lol.

Bubble tea store

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