Guitar repair and shop services

Typhoon Guitars (formally Yangming Custom Guitars) is back in business.

Website is

I offer not only guitar related services (setups, refrets, fret level, bridge repairs, and other structural repairs), but I also offer machining and CNC services. CNC service is on an approval basis as I do not own the CNC machine but they are owned by the next door CNC shop, and therefore the quantity must be enough that he would stop his machines to work on yours.

Address is New Taipei City, Xingjhuan District, Xinshu rd 138


Best of luck on your new (revitalised) enterprise, bro.

Could have used you a year ago, while all the guitar shops technically offer this service, they’re pretty fuckin ham handed and you wouldn’t want them anywhere near a good quality instrument.
Glad you’re back. :+1:

Yea, that ham handed crap is exactly why I offer this service. People tell me “blah blah why dont you go visit a music store and say you offer blah blah” and I told them what those shops tell me: We offer repair services too. Except their customer either gets turned off of instrument repair in general or they become my customer (if they are lucky) because they screwed up their precious 150,000NT guitar. I seen all kinds of stuff those guys do, including using Titebond II to reglue bridges (it will not come off without damage, in case you are wondering. Titebond II is water/heat resistant). I seen a guitar fixed with gorilla glue… in case you are wondering, they do NOT look pretty. I use it to fix shoes and nothing else (the expansion helps glue uneven/soft surfaces that shoes tend to have). Picture someone spraying PU foam onto a guitar… At least shoes don’t cost 150,000, not yet anyways.

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He fixed up my practice banjo very nicely. Put in the rail road spikes nicely. Fixed up my faulty banjo head piece, re fixed my 5th gear tuner, and generally made it sing as well as when I first bought it in fact better. His price is very fair too. If you need your guitar fixed , or if you have just bought one take it to him for a good set up. This guy is a craftsman of the highest order with zero marketing skills. @crusher recommends him highly. Just got it back today.
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Give us a blast of Deliverance then…

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All that is needed is a funny attempt to play a sad song on a banjo.

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I have the tab for that. Forgot the entire song off the top off my head but can play it if I look at the tab. It is a nice song, better than Foggy Mountain break down which seems to be the one everyone knows.

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