Happy Holidays, Zongzi or BAH-CHÀNG 肉粽 (Taiwan Tamale) from around the world, share yours

Here is my photos (1) Wellington (Cuba Street Area about $120), (2) Cijin Kaoshuing, old shop go when I can, current price $30 each (3) USA USA$5 or about $140

Kaoshuing ones taste the best to me (Sorry to people in the North) as I prefer Southern ones. All are good, but the prices outside of Taiwan are too high for me to just try once, I can wait till I return to KHH and eat local. (Wellington for a smaller city has great international choices). Support all these as well other small shops, as all offer take away and enjoy at home.


Am I the only person that doesn’t really care for Zongzi? It’s okay, but nothing I ever actively crave. How about a holiday dedicated to gua bao? I can get behind that.


I like them. But I’m all for the gua bao festival


They look nice. I think those are among the things that I thought I’d tried but I hadn’t.

Anyway, they do look nice.

There is though, Wei Ya

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Oh man, you need to go get some

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I will. I just looked at some pics of them. Very appetizing. :slight_smile:

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OK sounds great, so what day do you choose, Mr. Gua Bao day founder (I saw one in Arizona)


Here’s the key as I see it to enjoy nanbu zongzi (i.e. southern style). I’ll leave aside their northern brethren, which are frankly speaking an oil laden disaster best avoided.

If you have the means, get the highest end one you can find with premium ingredients. The basic pork ones (rou zongzi) are also usually good. The next step is important. Ask the shop NOT to drown it in red sauce. The good ones don’t need it.

If the shop has a quality chili oil, use that instead. Or use your own supply at home—a chili oil you like or a quality XO sauce HK style are both great choices.

Make a nice pot of your preferred tea to wash these guys back. And enjoy!


These look a bit better.

Interesting, but still prefer old Kaoshuing local one.

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I also do not care for them - too dense and dry. The same way I feel about moon cakes. Come to think of it I don’t care for most traditional food eaten on Chinese holidays. I’ll second the gua bao though.

Definitely not.

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Without a lie, one of my favorite foods. I eat them probably once a week.

The pictures are from a stall in Chiayi County. My second favorite store. 25 NTD each.

First favorite is from my hometown, Tainan. 25-35 NTD each. Very close by my home for my second year of life in Taiwan. 遠馨阿婆肉粽06 213 7821

I’ve heard of someone buying a 10,000 and 1,000 NTD rice dumpling (apparently containing abalone and other expensive ingredients). They said the taste was strange and definitely not worth the cost.


Looks great ! Nice photos

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Thanks! New Sony phone seems to take better pictures. I often take photos of my meals to send to my parents in the old country. They love that kind of stuff.


Is that some kind of Hakka version?


It’s a quinoa version.

Wow! First time I heard of that.

Wonder if it would be like the millet version(s) made by Amis people on the east coast.

The possibilities are endless!