Hard to find things in common with Taiwanese girls

I went on 3 different dates and I find it hard to find things in common with the locals. Has anyone else had this experience? All 3 still live with their parents and are in their early 30s.

Girl #1 - workaholic, works at a clinic. Her interests outside of work include shopping and watching TV. Works Saturday shifts sometimes.

Girl #2 - likes watching Netflix and helping her parents decorate the house recently. Took her on a hike and she ran out of breath after a few minutes.

Girl #3 - likes to go to bars with her friends and watching movies. Also likes shopping. Went on 3 dates and I think we’ve run out of things to talk about.

All 3 I initially fell for because of their looks, thought they were the one at some point and now I don’t feel the connection so much anymore. Will probably continue with #1 and #3 and see if it goes anywhere but it’s more like a chore these days since I do all the planning.

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If you like hiking, why not join a hiking club? You might find more like-minded people there.



It might help if you can be that guy who introduces them to a whole bunch of new stuff. If they’re totally not interested, fine, move along, but sometimes people will happily shift out of their rut if they’re given a bit of a prod. If you’re interesting enough and enthusiastic enough, you should find that potential friends (male or female) buy into your enthusiasm.

The hiking girl, for instance: did she whine and moan and say she never wants to do that again? Or did she say, that was fun, let’s do it again but somewhere a bit flatter next time?

Also worth bearing in mind that most people worldwide just enjoy watching their lives pass by. If this drives you crazy, you’re going to find it hard to find “the one” wherever you go.


Why did you take a girl for a hike on a date?


Because it shows that I’m healthy in addition to being financially stable

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Of course. I should have figured that one out.


You seem to have an odd way of looking at this dating lark. The correct answer is “so we can go back to my place and jump in the shower afterwards”.


The great Omnilacious wrote about it at length.:grin:


Oh yeah. He has some classic stories to tell. Never met him, but he struck me as an interesting chap. What happened to him?

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He still exists in the non Forumosa universe I’m sure.

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Perhaps a press up competition followed by a cultural pop quiz would help find the one?

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My first date usually is to tell them I’m financially stable

Second and third is to show I’m healthy and a good leader

I got it from this guide: https://www.davidtianphd.com/asian-mans-manifesto/how-to-become-a-sexually-attractive-asian-man/

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When do you tell them you are a very stable genius?

/sarcasm off



Wow. You must be a hoot on dates.


To be honest I think most girls would rather be home alone watching TV than go on a date like that.

But I’m curious, how do you show the lucky girls you are a good leader?


It could be a cooking class

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You want to have some good looking kids, or you just want to impress your friends with your girl?

Just tell them you own a house and a car.

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So you want an outdoorsy type with more to offer than shallow things such as shopping and netflix, but all you are offering yourself is shallow boasting about being well off?


If only there was a way to look healthy and dress like you have money. Life is not always easy.


Lol. Continue with #1 and #3. It seems you just wanna catch the 1st bite. Honestly, I feel disgusted