Hardcore Bodybuilding Gyms?

Please don’t hate but I’m a 100% musclebound meathead. Even back home I get stared at. I’m also an absolute newbie to Taiwan. I’ve been here two days and checked out World Gym and Anytime Fitness. They’re OK but lack hardcore atmosphere. So where do all the roidheads lift?

Musclecenter Gym in Guting. Nobody in the Chinese speaking world knows more than coach Huang about bodybuilding



Thanks for the tip, OrangeOrganics! What street in Guting? How do I get there from the metro station?

Right next to Taipower Station . If you click link will have the map

Check out 台北健身院

, No. 163, Shida Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

I used to lift here:
B/1, No. 656, Section 4, Bade Road

八德路4段656號B1樓Songshan District, 台北市 105Taiwan

Lots of serious lifters at that gym.

That’s a good place to check out. I was looking for a gym without a contract and passed by there, but it just looked too hardcore for where I’m at.

Are you really Bruno Stars?

Is that the place in the basement opposite NTU, 10 minutes walk from Mac Donald’s? If so that has been here for donkey’s years. That’s a hard core gym if it’s the same one.

Best gym in Taipei

I worked out in there about 25 years ago lol.
Yeah it was a good one I’m sure still is.

but maybe not the same, its not opposite NTU, its next to Taipower MRT. Coach Huangs gym

oh ok i haven’t been there but ive heard of the guy. Is he the guy originally from India ?

That’s the place I linked above. Great place, though cramped (we are in Taipei, so that’s a given). Three weightlifting platforms, one squat rack, so free weight barbell work is available every time I am there. Dumbbell area is a bit cramped, but workable. People there are nice and have generally the same goal.

The only gym I know across from NTU is a World Gym. This place is where Shida crosses Roosevelt, very near the Taipower MRT.

The gym we are talking about is across the NTU sports/track and field area (XinSheng south rd area).

Are we still talking about Musclecenter? It’s here:

No Taiwanese, former 3rd in Mr Asia and wrote many books on bodybuilding in Chinese

They gave me a free three day pass to World Gym. It’s not bad equipment-wise… but there are flashing lights everywhere. It feels more like a nightclub than a gym. Indeed, no-one there even looks like they lift!

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