Hardest thing to give up about Taiwan

Whether you’ve already left Taiwan, are thinking of leaving or just imagine leaving some day…

What is the hardest thing to give up, habit to change, what would you miss the most?

Also, have you acquired some habits, behavior that wouldn’t fit in back where you come from?

One of the first things that comes to mind for me is the convenience of being able to do grocery shopping any time of day and night.

And as for habits and behavior, the fact that here people don’t mind yawning with an open mouth, burping out loud, eating with an open mouth, etc. bothers me less and less. I hope I don’t pick up that habit :astonished:

Not hearing you naggin’ anymore …

no forumosa happy hours on the other side of the pacific (and definitely none near the Mississippi Delta).

Expectation of physical safety.

You can still grocery shop 24/7 in most American cities of any size (Albany is not very big yet we have plenty of 24 hour grocery chains). However, here you would think twice, as a woman, before going out at 2 a.m. In fact, there are a lot of places you think twice before going, or do not go alone at all. Taiwan was not that way 99% of the time.

dating a different girl everyday of the week…
that’ll never represent itself but it was fun…for a week

no no no the everyday COMMON SENSE and LOGIC of everyone around me :roflmao:

Without a doubt. The ease of transportation.

Eating out. It’s much more expensive where I come from. You have to brown bag and eat at home. Eating out is for special occasions only in my home country. Here, I eat almost one meal a day out.

The food .

Safety, easy to get around, 24-hour facilities.

The beautiful mountains and the weird little temples.

But more than this, my wonderful friends.

It is hard to give up driving like a twat.

In England you have to give way, you have roundabout protocol, you can’t cut people up, you have to wave if someone lets you through.

Although it’s nice, I just can’t seem to stop wanting to drive with the ‘me first’ attitude that I developed in Taiwan.

I also miss mien shien (sesame oil noodles).

But I gave up loads of things to come here*, so it all balances out. Every change is a huge sacrifice and a huge gain of other thing.

Oh, Buttercup is DEEP, today.

  • nice clothes, proper haircuts, my native language, live music, Euro food, nude tights that are the same colour as my legs, silicon based hair products, humour, big potatoes.

Drinking on the street legally.

This has too be one of the things I look forward to when I move to Taiwan and it will probably be the thing I miss the most if I ever leave.

The ability to replace eyeglasses at 9 p.m. Takes weeks here. In Taiwan it was over night, and they threw in a pair of contacts so that I could see the next day until I got back to the shop.

But mainly, I miss my health insurance! And I miss going to the Dr. and getting seen quickly. It’s a two hour minimum waite here, and the dr.'s office visit fees alone are at least $NT2,000. Usually, meds are as much or more. Even with insurance there’s a co-pay of about $700~800 for the dr. visit, and another for the med.s, and that’s on top of paying about $NT 2,500 per pay check, or $NT 5,000 per month for the premium.

And gas is more than $NT100 per gallon now. Yesterday I filled up for $2.95 per gallon. This morning the gas prices had jumped to $3.09 per.

I thought you were a Taiwanese girl

  1. 7-11’s on every corner
  2. Cabs everywhere
  3. trains that are clean and run on time
  4. something interesting to look at
  5. people who like something other than reality shows as converstation topics
  6. Nai cha!!! and Xigua jhr
    7)my scooter
    8)window shopping while walking somewhere
    9)cheap smokes
  7. 88 jiu
  8. Bingdang stands
    12)late night guotie stands
    13)night markets
  9. stationary stores
    15)being able to practice newly learned phrases
    16)reading Chinese signs as I ride the bus
    and on…

Cheap High Speed Internet
Guang Hua Computer Market

Guang Hua Computer Market[/quote]

Cheaper DVDs than other region and high-quality gadgets, indeed, I would miss Guang Hua computer market if I left Taiwan.

I thought you were a Taiwanese girl[/quote]

I am a Taiwanese obasan. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I like to drink with my ladies in the park, walk tipsily and .enjoy good and nonsensical lagughter together.

What a good life!