Harvard Beijing Academy Moved to Taipei

One more win for Taiwanese soft power!


And one more step towards Taiwan status as a regional hub.


It wont be called the Beijing academy while in taiwan will it?


It looks like ICLP will have some competition…within the same university…

Gaining visibility among Harvard students is essentially gaining visibility among America’s future political leadership.


From the article:

"While Liu can name one other previously Beijing-based institution that has since moved to Taiwan — a branch of the National Security Education Program’s Language Flagship Program — William C. Kirby, a professor of China Studies and Chair of the Harvard Center Shanghai, maintains that most Harvard-affiliated organizations are not moving away from China. Kirby argues that the Harvard Beijing Academy moved to Taiwan for purely logistical reasons, as Harvard broadly has been forming closer connections to China. He points to ongoing collaborations with Chinese academics in the Fairbank Center, the Harvard Kennedy School Asia Fellows Program, and the Harvard Center Shanghai, which has been running workshops and seminars, many of which were in person during the pandemic while other Harvard facilities were shut down.

This is not a time in which this university is retreating from its engagement with China — it’s actually seeking every way possible to deepen it,” Kirby says."

Its prudent to say that.

Equivalent to leaving a Taiwanese company ‘because family member is sick’



People may have said the same thing about President Ma haha.

Just kidding. Sort of.

Question still stands, will it still be called the beijing academy, or a name change to taiwan/taipei? EDIT dang, Sorry just reread it is renamed to taipei. Not sure how i missed that!

harvard seems to be wording things favorably in the direction of taiwan belonging to china.

Eg " Kirby argues that the Harvard Beijing Academy moved to Taiwan for purely logistical reasons , as Harvard broadly has been forming closer connections to China."

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The whole thing sounds like a summer camp to me. Not sure how useful it is tbh. I mean, how much Chinese can one learn in 2 months?


Research project of one week.:grin:

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Have you ever done a language intensive? Idk what this is specifically, but if you have a foundation in Chinese, two months can get you very far with four hours of class every day

I read it on the news that the curriculum includes day trips to Jiufen and National Palace Museum and making dumplings and whatnot. I really doubt how intensive it would be.

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Yeah that’s not intensive. Probably learn virtually no Chinese. Options = die of stress at ILCP or learn nothing in this program


Don’t sneeze at dumplings, literally or figuratively.

dragon dumpling 2

dragon dumpling

Just sayin’.

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Got to keep those paid trips to China and other perks rolling in. He’s probably sweating bullets on how to suck up to the Chinese government after this decision.


A regional hub for what? Teaching Chinese to foreigners?

yeah can people stop saying hub

And can people stop suggesting Taiwan can replace Hong Kong as a finance hub.

Just walk into your local bank to do a simple task and find out why that is not happening.


Well, Taiwan is a hub in the Asian meth trade…



Taoyuan aviation city anyone?

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