Harvard Beijing Academy Moved to Taipei

I never have problem with the bank.

I don’t get Harvard, they don’t need China. They can shit on China all day and Chinese will still sell their organs to get their kids into Harvard.

No one cares that schools in China have been gaining on lists for university rankings. Schools like Oxford or Harvard can’t be touched by Chinese universities in the real world. No one cares you went to Tsinghua or Beijing outside of the sino world.


I guess Harvard is involved in China in all types of ways. Probably lots of connections to the private sector.

I do. Banks in Taiwan are shit

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Maybe they are afraid of foreign faces. Every time I go to a bank to do stuff it’s pretty easy breezy.

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You may be right about the institution as a whole. but institutions are run by individuals, and individuals are incredibly greedy and corruptable. If you were the CCP, would you not target staff and students at the best and most influencial schools?

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Honestly these schools have such a joke. They have been going all out on wokeness but shut their mouths real quick when it comes to chinas human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing of minorities.

Anyone with half a brain sees the hypocrisy of the woke crowd when they won’t touch a list of topics such as China or feminist issues in Islamic countries.


I honestly don’t have a hard time with banks. They kind of go out of their way to help IME.

The banking system in Taiwan is ultra-conservative and inefficient. Thats not a controversial opinion among both foreigners and locals that I have come in contact with.

If you have had different experiences, then fantastic.

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I imagine more its the research side of Harvard that has financial interest. Who knows. Its a pretty Taiwanese thing to do anyway, lie about reasons for leaving.

Yes. I agree with this. It’s still back in the dinosaur ages. But overall, I’ve always been helped in a satisfactory manner.

Yeah people are nice. Taiwan is still not going to become an international finance hub.

Please @gain. Help us get our mortgages and credit cards and business loans. Be our saviour!




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Rather than inviting bespectacled Harvard nerds to palpitate the island’s dumplings, Taiwan should try and attract more hotties of all genders and ages… to palpitate the islands dumplings. Turn Taiwan into the Hubba Hubba Hub of Asia. They could start by opening up a GG category (glamorous and/or gorgeous) for the gold card.


Or our taiwanese wives for that matter. Banks here can be really douchy! I much prefer the foreign owned ones for politeness. But FAR prefer the local government ones for Guanxi long term…

I still have a foreign bank calling, messaging and emailing me to pay back the loan, which i never asked for nor did i ever take out. Funny part is they wont even give us foreigners loans, and yet they still try, bi weekly, to ask me to pay back my outstanding loan (5 years now lol they have tried this bullshit). Not a scam as i have gone in person to clear their lies and they have it on record haha. Has happened to a few people i know as well.

Gain must be male, taiwanese and perhaps rich or with rich family. Many people normally have issues with banking here, from the poor to the rich. I have yet to meet a single person that doesnt complain to the moon and back about them. even their own employees open up over some beers or bbq Hence so many shell companies just to get loans. And so the downward spiral continues…

Thats just dumb, and thailand beat us. No hope, bad idea.

Taiwan needs to compete on eco friendly environmental lines as well as tech and logistics. With these 3, taiwan locks in a global economy easily. And it is 3 taiwan is VERY well setup up to accomplish with relative ease. Its like cherry picking, but we will probably not pick such cherries outside of specific tech components :frowning:

I don’t know any local who’s had problems with local banks. Most people are fine with it. Idk about foreigners because I don’t really know any.

Corporate dealings is another matter, but that just means you need a lawyer.

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I can count the people i know that had smooth sailing on one hand. Not talking foreigners, locals. Businesses and personal. Everyone has issues with the stuck up, egotistical, unaware of the regulation type clerks. They are so past retarded, it makes me want to buy gold coins.

The only time it goes smoothly for me is after a few years of relationship, a couple weddings attended, meals, drinks, and friendly banter to get past their entitled immature skin. My wife, taiwanese with excellent credit, gets it FAR worse. Especially from the middle aged crowd with jealousy she is doing well at her age. Its quite aggravating, to the point we often write very carefully annonymous complaints. Its often borderline illegal how they treat people and say the most asperger type shit. Happy you get treated well, but try listebing to how other people are treated down the line in the future. Its quite disgusting.

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Locals are usually the ones without problems dealing with banks.