Has anybody here ever heard of this "WMAF" thing on the Internet?

you said you aren’t allowed to post on Reddit

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Yeah they tend to be good at winning fights lol , at least in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:

Where I lived before here in UK, was local to a bigger Town that had a large West Indian, African Community.
Not wanting to be stereotypical, these men do have a liking for the larger white female that is certainly reciprocal. The girls would take advantage of this but was generally only used, wouldn’t stop them saying ‘been black not go back’ really cringy.
I’ve dated Chinese and Taiwanese women in in UK and their respectful Countries. Personally I find them mentally stronger than white Caucasian ladies, possibly why I never keep them.
One thing I must say that in MY opinion Taiwanese girls under the age of 30 still behave like children, the men are not much better.

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Based on the few Eastern European women I’ve known NOT submissive.


Time for the monthly Deliverance squeel piggy post ?

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I’m nothing like these folks you’re talking about. Unlike “these folks”, I don’t have a problem with having a white dad and Asian mom and I wasn’t raised like them. I was never taught to hide my Asian side and I don’t have racist parents.

I would absolutely love to put my voice out there through Youtube (only through comments though) and maybe even Reddit. Literally the only thing stopping me is that my parents won’t allow it. Which is why instead I try to look for the people opposing the negative ones on the Internet that also call them out on their toxicity. I have found a few luckily but they are so small compared to the negative ones.

Hint, hint. He’s the OP of this post. :slight_smile: Not sure if he’s well known on Forumosa though

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I remember when I was around 14-15. I was really confused about my identity. Age 16 was about half of my life in the US and half in Taiwan. In some ways; I missed Taiwan. Besides sports, I had very little connection to my school and classmates. I moved to a new school and it just felt like I didn’t fit in besides sports.

Luckily, this is a normal feeling for everyone. No one knows who they are at that age. So don’t stress about being half Asian. I’m half Korean and Taiwanese. And also American and Taiwanese. I’ve learned to embrace it and it’s one of my biggest selling points for jobs and meeting people. I have plenty of interesting things to talk about.

So just do you and enjoy your youth. I wished I was I that age again. My body is hurting from a hard workout yesterday haha. Never happened as a teenager. I was ready to go everyday.


I miss Taiwan too. Too bad I can’t go because of the pesky pandemic. :sleepy: :mask: I lived in Taiwan up until I was about 2. I’ve only visited Taiwan twice after that and that was about 9-10 years ago. Although I struggle with my race to some extent, my problem isn’t with “not feeling white enough”. It’s the opposite. I felt disconnected from my Taiwanese roots and whitewashed compared to other Asians. My mom and dad raised me to acknowledge my Asian side and when I was younger, I had more exposure to my Asian side, (ex: visiting my mom’s Asian friends, going to Asian churches, ect) yet living in an area with a meager amount of Asians, I feel isolated from my Asian identity. At my school, I’m viewed as “the Asian” but I never saw it as a bad thing. In fact, it made me feel a sense of racial pride. I always have been proud of to be Asian. Maybe being the rare half Asian at my school may explain my fixation towards race.


I get it, that was what I was feeling.

You can come live in Taiwan when you finish school, it’s not a hard place to survive. That’s what I did. Don’t stress too much now. Focus on setting yourself up academically to have professional options and financial freedom. Get into a top school, set yourself up where you can just come to Taiwan and be ok professionally. That is the best advice I can give you. Competent people have options.


I’m also curious as whether most WMAF couples are these racists that the Internet makes them out to be or if most of them are just normal non racist people and it’s only a few that are actually toxic.

I heard they are sometimes referred to as MRAsians on the Internet. It’s like MRAs (Men Rights Activists) but the men are Asian. Look it up. They say it’s used to silence the voices of Asian men when really it’s only used for a specific group of Asian men who act like MRAs. You can often find these dudes at Asian masculinity safe spaces on Reddit. I’ve been there and whew! Man, it was like COVID 19 for my brain cells!

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I know several wmaf couples in Taiwan and none of them are like that. At least not that I know of!


Yes sir he is!!!

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So this Eurasian Diaper guy is of what genetic makeup?

Eurasian Diaper Guy? Lol :rofl:Wait, you’ve heard of this crazy Eurasian dude before??? Not sure what his exact ethnicity is but he mentioned having a
racist white father and Asian mother. Sounds like he had bad parents but he’s just sitting here wallowing in his own sorrow and hate.


I don’t know how reliable “INCEL WIKI” is, but:


He is half-asian and half-white, hates his parents for being an AFWM couple, lives in a relatives basement, and is a virgin.

This made me lol. I have no idea who the guy is, though.


Yo what’s a wumao? I also dont get the koala joke

Which part? The purpose of the koala in the cage under the wumao’s table? Or the toilet paper roll’s purpose? Anyway, it’s probably better if you don’t know…

I’m sure no more are toxic than any other kind of marriage. They’re just people who wanted to marry each other.

Hi Hapa this is Dad
First of all

Your mom is 5 foot nothing and 100 pounds and tell me who is the boss in the family?
Do you remember when we went to the park and you, your mom and your sister got tired and I had to carry all THREE of you the rest of the way to the car.

Last night at 10pm she demanded that I make her a cake with Swiss Meringue butter cream frosting for mothers day. After working in a factory for 12 hours I made her this cake. It took me 2 hours because your mother thinks packaged food is poison. She found the cake to be unacceptable and gave me “Purple Nurples and made me sleep in the garage.
Your mother Straight up kicked me in the face 3 times while I was standing up because your sister wanted me to buy her some ice cream and tricked me to standing up to her and to tell your mom that " I am a grown ass man and Ill do what I want” It turns out I wanted to be kicked in the face by a tiny Asian woman.
But seriously in our case we are perfectly suitable. I am built like a tank and able to take a beating and your mom is pretty.

And what is all this talk about porn on the internet? Do you know what happens when you look up “Asian porn” on the internet? You get beat up by a 100 pound Asian lady.

And finally young lady I don’t know about you but I think Asian men are super hot. I mean so very super hot and sexy. The way they are good at math and listen to their parents. I’d like to wrap that up in a grilled cheese sandwich and take it to the rodeo.
Sorry i’m not good at sexy talk but you know what I mean.

This is so much fun
Love you