Has anybody here ever heard of this "WMAF" thing on the Internet?

This is kind of a rant, sorry. I try to rant as little as possible. For those of you who don’t know, WMAF is an interracial pairing with a white man and Asian woman. I hear people on the Internet talk about it mostly on r/hapas, a really toxic subreddit and it’s usually in a bad way. They portray them as white worshipping Asian women and racist white men. They also claim that it’s built off of white supremacy and the abasement of Asian men. Although there’s a kernel of truth to some of their statements, I believe they heavily exaggerate the toxicity of White Male, Asian female relationships. As the daughter of a white dad and Taiwanese mom, this really upsets me. I know me and my parents don’t fit that stereotypical toxic “WMAF” family (Sorry if I sound a little Reddit-y) but these people on the Internet keep trying to spread this whole “WMAF is evil and produces scummy children” propaganda and it’s extremely overwhelming. It’s like they’re telling me my parents are the scum of the earth. Correction, that’s EXACTLY what they’re telling me. It’s heavily reminiscent to white supremacists who use news of Blacks or Latinos commiting crimes or terrorists as proof that minorities are bad. Since I’m not allowed to post on Reddit or YouTube, I can’t get my opinions across which is why I wanted to ask some of you here for your views.

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There seems to be a lot of problems surrounding judgments of mixed race couples. White men would say “once you go black you never go back” and even black females would scold a black man for dating a white woman. Similarly, Asian men are protective if “their” women (I won’t go down that rabbit hole) and they are disdainful of how receptive Asian females can be to “white” guys. These men are also seen as players who only want to get laid. It’s a unique situation for sure.

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Ive heard of the WMAF thing at Carnegies in its prime, Brass Monkey on Thursdays.

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Ignore it , theres some jealous and spiteful people out there but these people are very much a minority. Leave the toxic people to their own sad Little world. I live in Taiwan for many years and it’s really not been a problem at all.


Once you get past 40 you’ll no longer care what people think about you. It’s probably the only benefit of the aging process.


the OP is probably half way to that age, so she needs to hear something else. If this is even real, which I never know.

@Hapadoge what do they say bout BMAF?

I’m an Asian-American man and I deal with this issue.

  1. You are right, there is some nationalistic BS about “protecting the virtue of our women” that pervades every culture.
  2. Asian males come out at the bottom of the totem pole in several studies in terms of desirability. So there is a lot of butthurtedness among Asian men about Asian women dating and marrying out. They’re probably the same people playing World of Warcraft on a Friday night.

Now for my POV:
3. Asian men have no business policing whom Asian women date. They can date whomever they want. Both my sisters are attractive and married white men. Instead of being sore about this kind, Asian men need to shatter their own stereotypes. Hit the gun range, work out, explore Europe and Latin America where you’re more appreciated. Some of my Asian friends lost their virginity in Latin America.
4. Where things get dicey is when Asian women put down Asian men, and they do it quite frequently. I think there should be an gentleman’s agreement between Asian men and women where Asian men do not talk bad about interracial couples, and Asian women do not put down Asian men.
5. I have heard some issues with interracial children, sons of WMAF couples where they look at their mom, and think to themselves, she married my dad because she didn’t like someone like me. I don’t know how widespread that is, but whatever the case, the solution isn’t to prevent those unions, it’s better relationships with their parents. I’ve dated a Hapa girl. She was a bit of a unicorn in that her Dad was Asian, and she had a great relationship with him.


White supremacists do not want to breathe the same oxygen as other races let alone date them. You need a better descriptive term for it.
BTW the people describing you as scummy are the real scum.


Forgive me if Im patronizing but the Internet for your generation is different from mine (Gen X). It’s being used to weaponize (excuse the woke language) and further sow hate and fear.

My city since returning from TW I’ve noticed a lot of WMAF. Got a co-worker married to a lady from China. Interracial unions are becoming more and more the norm and those who ascribe to the days of yore , fearful of becoming a minority are these kids of these old, ratchet racists who have not learned to anything better with their time on Earth.

I suggest not paying attention to strange people on the Internet that you don’t know, who you might never know, and especially who make a zero contribution (financially and personally) to your life.

Who cares what they think. Really.


My former sister-in-law told me the same thing about 20 years ago and I’ve never forgotten it. It really is good advice.


Racial preferences are interesting. Even as a asian male, I’ve never had much experience of Asian females aggressively pursuing me. Nor from white females. Black and latinas have thrown themselves at me on the other hand.

I think @Dr_Milker floated out a theory that Asian women would be intimidated by tall and muscular men. Don’t know if that’s true.

In the pron world, from which this term comes, BMAF is also fetishized (don’t ask me how I know).

Some white supremacists (not all!) make an exception for the “naturally inferior” Asian female. A lot of p**n of this nature revolves around fantasies about Asian women’s supposed desire to have ‘superior’ white babies.

A certain segment of Western men express very sour sentiments about Western women as all feminists who hate men. They tend to go for ‘submissive’ women from Eastern Europe and South-East and East Asia. (For SE Asia, that’s a sentiment shared by some Taiwanese men, and I imagine Japanese and S. Korean males too.)

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Yeah true, but I would call them selective racists or something… I agree those exist,. What I do know is that for the hard core white supremacist groups race mixing is their number 1 “No No”. By the way there was an interesting documentary called “Nazi Nick” about the leader of an ultra violent German neo nazi organization. He went on this trip to Africa in order to buy guns …for the “cause”. He ended up marrying a black African lady and going from group leader to their target.

This post…


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I’m not Asian or Hapa but looked at the hapa subreddit before. They are some of the angriest and messed up people on the internet. I feel sorry for them, they are living a life of pain


I like how you put it. Asian men and women should acknowledge the crap they gived and gotten from each other and reconcile. Good for the Asian men working to shatter the emasculation stereotypes. :+1: There are some issues with certain WMAF couples. I’ve seen videos of Asian women saying “I don’t date Asian guys”. It’s especially cringy when they throw in the stereotype about them having “small manhoods”.


I’m still in my teens. Anyway, BMAF is pretty rare since Asian women don’t usually date Black guys. Some are okay with it, some don’t like it. They don’t get as much Internet animosity as WMAF though.

Who? The white or Asian guys?

White guys have a bad reputation in Taiwan.

Reddit in general is a cesspool.