Kelli Chauvin scrutiny for being the Asian wife of Derek Chauvin + Rant on a misogynistic subreddit

I said “alleged” because I’m not really sure if Derek Chauvin was actually the racist the media made him out to be. (White cop who suffocated George Floyd, a black man, to death)

Because I think, maybe Chauvin isn’t a racist cop, maybe he’s just an overtly aggressive cop who resorts to physical punishment even when it’s not needed. (That’s still bad and worthy of condemnation.)

Now about Kellie Chauvin, IDK about what the general AsAm public had to say about Derek Chauvin having an Asian wife but all I know is that there’s people on the internet lambasting her because her husband was the infamous WHITE Derek Chauvin.

If you look up stuff related to Derek Chauvin and his Asian wife on Reddit, you’ll likely see a good number of people bad mouthing Kellie. (I can’t access Reddit because I blocked it from the Internet because I’ve been going through lots of bullsh*t.)

More specifically on a subreddit called r-aznidentity. These people are the most hypocritical, propaganda-ish bunch I‘ve ever seen. They’re just as bad as the worst parts of the right wing, left wing, and others combined.

And I cannot even begin to describe my abhorrence towards that damned subreddit. They think Asian women being in a relationship with a white man (or black man) are contemptible POS race traitors. They also hate mixed kids (with an Asian mom and white dad) and see their existence as horrific. But if you hate them, you’re a traitor/hater to Asian people. (Go check out that sh**hole of a subreddit if you’d like)

Anyway, I find it absurd that AznIdentity was badmouthing Kellie Chauvin for being Derek’s Asian wife even though she had nothing to do with it but they ignore the fact that there was an Asian cop named Tou Thao who was involved in the George Floyd incident.

Anyway, sorry about the rant. I have tried to stay as far from the whole WMAF thing as I can for the past few months. So I blocked access to Reddit from my browser just because of all the bullsh*t.

Here’s some articles linking to the thing related to Derek Chauvin and his Asian wife:

AAPI leaders react to Chauvin guilty verdict

Kellie Chauvin and a history of Asian women being judged for whom they marry

George Floyd, Tou Thao, and Asian American anti-blackness in our communities

Backlash to Asian American wife in Floyd case reveals disturbing truth

Let me know what you think


AznIdentity, AznMasculinity, Hapas and other subreddits are hotbeds for ABC incels. Go there for a laugh if you want but otherwise avoid that trash. /pol/ is lovely in comparison.


I agree with you there except r/hapas has changed drastically since 2020. It changed from a bitter place for mixed Asian incels to a normal subreddit for mixed race Asians.
And while AznMasculinity does have alot of toxic people, there’s a few normal decent people and it has more diverse opinions than aznidentity.

Didn’t know but not willing to find out for myself. Reputation is hard to kill even if this is true.

If I may offer you some advice to you as someone of mixed background. Stop spending so much time trying to identify and understand how you fit in the world based on your background.

You are who you make yourself to be.


But anyways, ever since getting off of Reddit, I have been doing better and getting into different stuff…like semi-political stuff (I find myself leaning closer to conservatism though)

Nothing wrong with that.

George Floyd’s cops now look soooo gentle compared to the cops who beat Tyre Nichols

Chauvin was basically a good man his whole life who was unaware of what he was doing to drugged up george Floyd.

George Floyd was a career criminal

Just… why bump this…?


chauvin had a fair few complaints against him

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A. Everybody does. You, me, everyone
B he’s a cop; criminals will complain of

Thomas Jefferson said no one will leave the White House with reputation intact.

Chauvin was basically a good man his whole life
George Floyd was a career criminal

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You seem like you’re kicking a man when’s he dead.


Chauvin is a convicted murderer. He’s too stupid and sadistic to be a cop. The whole world watched him kneel on an unresponsive man’s neck for nine minutes, because Chauvin wanted to make sure that George Floyd couldn’t breathe.

He’s also a serial abuser of people’s civil rights in his former role as a police officer. His sentence on the convictions for those civil rights violations are running concurrently with his sentence for murder, so unfortunately Chauvin won’t get any additional time in prison.

In a separate case:

“Mr. Chauvin also pleaded guilty . . . to another federal charge of violating the civil rights of a 14-year-old boy in 2017, and agreed that he had held the boy by the throat, struck him in the head with a flashlight and pressed his knee on the neck of the teenager, who is Black, without justification.”



Since the latest act of police brutality there is a new narrative… Beating a black man to death isn’t an act of racism. It’s a power imbalance.


Depends on who you ask.

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The lawyers of five certain black men, for one.

It’s perhaps inappropriate to laugh but…. Taddarius Bean. That’s a fucking funny name, right there.

Maybe the power went to their heads and they started acting like white racist cops. :idunno:

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Maybe there are no white racist cops. They are simply people acting out pre-existing generational power struggles. Same as any black man who beats someone black to death.

We arrive at the thin end of yet another wedge here. These narratives of blame shifting must end.

What do Democrats do? Democrats made George Floyd to be in death what he never was in life.

Statues libraries babies parks poems songs athletic fields murals etc are dedicated by Democrats to George Floyd. In the children’s bookstore Between Einstein and Robert Fulton is their hero.

Was the looting of George Floyd summer either protesting or honoring GF? Or actually neither, but simply looting?

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