Has the ROC military ever spun off any private sector technologies?

The US did a lot of this during the Cold War: internet, smoke detectors, velcrow (?) were originally designed for defense purposes.

I know a lot of people here find Israel’s human rights record appalling (myself included), but they have become leaders in security software, mostly developed from devising ways to detect threats. The IDF has become a technology regime.

I think this is great, because we have to spend money on defense anyway. Why not develop technologies in the process? That we the old guns and butter debate isn’t a trade-off.

I haven’t heard of any military spinoff technologies from Taiwan. Reasons I can think of being:

  1. We buy most of our stuff. We are developing indigenous subs, but they’re hardly cutting edge, I imagine.
  2. The military is a joke to begin with.

Military R&D budget is probably not that big.

This is a bit dated, but yeah, looks like mostly just buying US death toys.

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Israel does it right. Living in the shadow of Islam, they have a constant need to make military tech progress that flows into civilian uses.

Taiwan is definitely capable of the same thing IMO, but the government here is too caught up in endless fluff to be that forward thinking.

Or Iran more specifically. I don’t think Israel is too worried about the Muslims in say Malaysia. :idunno:

Yeah, good thing Taiwan doesn’t have an existential threat.

Have you read the Koran?
Are you familiar with the Hadith of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim?

No one near any true Islamic presence is safe.

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I’m “in their presence” all the time. Feeling pretty safe.


They aren’t truly Islamic then.
Read up and report back.

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I’d rather yew tell me why I should be afraid.

Or Palestinians for that matter.

No problem… I’ll organize a little material and post it later. You really should study the material and perform your own exegesis.

Yeah, that seems to have faded recently, huh. I read something last week about the lack of angst in the West Bank or something. .

Been here 5 hours and telling me to read up on why Islam is bad? Nice. You’ll fit in great here. :roll:

Only Forumosa can turn a military R&D transfer to private sector thread into an Islam-bashing thread.

When are you guys gonna shoot up a Mosque again?

Meh. It’s just a troller stirring the pot, not unlike some weird kid a few weeks ago.
See something, say something.


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I don’t know what technology could the Taiwanese military spin off to civilian sector.

It does not look like the ROC military spends that much on R&D anyways. Seems everything is basically technology transfers, licensing stuff from other countries like Israel or France. But why reinvent the wheel? If some other country will help Taiwan build cruise missiles, then accept the help.

Also the ROC doesn’t even spend that much of their GDP on military anyways since the focus is mainly defense, not projecting power.

Taiwan is a country that has faced an existential threat from day one. And given it has no shortage of engineers, it should be at the forefront of military technology.

They could do a lot more with drone tech I feel.
Now remember Taiwan relies on the US Congress for its existence with the Taiwan Relations Act.
And Congressmen and women rely on votes and patronage to be elected.

So the large numbers of TWD spent on US arms, not all of it very useful , are NOT necessarily wasted in Taiwan’s case. Plus Taiwan benefits from better trade agreements with the US when it can point to how much it spends on US arms.


Gee, you’re going to fit in great here.

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That would be a good one, since the current government is into IoT.