Have you ever received a 告白信 from a Taiwanese girl?

She seemed nervous when I asked her out, so I just left it at that.

Ohhh is that a common taiwanese thing? I don’t think this exists in America anymore outside like middle school


It results from people only text messaging with people their adult lives.
No idea how to communicate face-to-face.


She seemed to do just fine communicating face to face with other coworkers, but not me.

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All of this screams she’s nervous. Just be yourself and suggest a cool cafe you guys can hang out at or something simple.


Many single people are giving some advice. My advice is that she obviously likes you.


Yeah. Doesn’t matter what she said at the moment. She had time to deliberate and wrote the letter. She wants him. That’s the one she thought about, put to ink and handed over to him.

Edit: She might be autistic too.

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This could be applied in many situations. I would more expect it’s just a complete lack of experience and maybe throw is some awkwardness.

Hey, is she 23 and about to graduate from collage?



She seems quite cold and avoids ALL eye contact with me when I discuss things with her in person. She doesn’t do that to anyone else.

It felt rather uncomfortable for me.

That means she wants you

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Missed a trick there: you’re meant to say “That’ll be difficult: is your boyfriend helping you move?”

Easily way to find out if she’s single or not.

Ask for her Line, chat a little on there (where’s she moving to etc?) then after she leaves ask her when she’s free to meet. Movie might be best if she’s shy (Jurassic Park might be good!) because you can sit and feel comfortable together, and you have something to talk about afterwards.

I once dated a girl who was very outgoing online but was extremely shy IRL: no eye contact and only spoke occasionally in a whisper. I kept expected her to “come out of her shell” but she never did. Dates were just me talking to myself so I had to end it

Moral of the story, she could be like this with you forever. Bare that in mind when pursuing things.

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I kept thinking that I must have creeped her out.

Are you a close talker? :laughing:

That could feel uncomfortable to some people.


Could just be the fact you’re foreign, or because she’s attracted to you.

How does she act around male Taiwanese colleagues?


She acts fine around them. She doesn’t seem nervous at all.


On my first day, when my manager first introduced me to her, her reaction seemed normal and she seemed friendly.

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No, I stand outside her cubicle lol

How old is she, by the way? Does she have, or is she soon to complete, any form of higher education?