Have you ever received a 告白信 from a Taiwanese girl?

If she’s truly interested, wouldn’t she have counteroffered?

I did send her a farewell email telling her that she’s been so kind and patient whenever I ask her for help or feedback.


Maybe she’s just as awkward as you are :wink:

People say and do stupid things when they’re in lust. She probably went and hid in the broom cupboard after that interaction and banged her head against the wall.

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When I asked her out, I was very confident in my tone of voice. I think she was taken by surprise.

No, don’t.

A handwritten letter for a handwritten letter. Let’s just hope your penmanship is legible. :laughing:

It seems she doesn’t want any chance of anyone in the company knowing.


Not sure about that lol. She sounds quite inexperienced. Early twenties, I’d say. I’d be surprised if she’s even finished college yet.

Those shy ones are the worst. I had an offer of a blowjob out on the middle of a lake once.

Is that why she rejected me this Monday evening?

Ok you’re right.

Say thanks and give her your Line in a written letter. Say in the letter you’d like to meet up after she quits.

If she wants to pursue things she’ll add you on Line, if not she won’t. Ball in back in her court, so to speak.

Feels weird passing notes around but maybe it’s best in this case.

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I hope it was a handwritten offer.

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Oh I don’t know. I agree you’re overthinking it. Just do what one of the others said. :man_shrugging:t3:


Wow… didn’t know fish could talk

haha. The details would have been boring, but point is, people who are shy and awkward have some surprising thoughts going on in their heads that they might just be too shy and awkward to express most of the time.


Seems like she’s SUPER PISSED OFF that I didn’t ask her out again. Before she left at noon, she sent a passive aggressive farewell email to the entire department alluding to this.

“Even though I won’t be here anymore, I still hope that we can all find an environment that suits us when it comes to work, life, and romance.”

That phrases is standard in the culture. I would
Not read too much into it.

Give her a call and asks her to meet for coffee this weekend.

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Just relax, and follow up. That is, if you are still interested…


What is wrong with you? A cute young shy girl expresses interest in you. Either bang her or move on.

What else do you need? Writen authorized certifikate of mutual attraction? Should I make one for 4k twd.

Be smooth and chill out


Ask her out!

If she declines, nothing lost.

If she agrees, who knows what the future may bring?



PS If she is a soon-to-be NTHU grad, you are not dealing with an idiot.

I view this as a plus. :grin:


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I think that’s more of a German dating thing, no? Available from the local Liebesbehörde for €15 after a compulsory two-week training course and exam.