Have you had COVID?

Thanks to @QuaSaShao for the idea.

  • I’ve never tested positive, nor had COVID symptoms
  • I tested positive and had no symptoms
  • I had symptoms that didn’t affect me much
  • I had noticeable symptoms and I had to rest for a few days
  • I was really, unpleasantly ill and/or had lasting problems
  • I was hospitalized and/or died

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I had a fever for a day and was tired for two days. No need to stop working, but I did enjoy a midday nap during those two days.


I am sorry but you don’t know the long term damage done to you. Even if you feel perfectly healthy now, in ten years, it could come back to bite you.


I’m waiting for the dead people vote before I jump to any conclusions.


I included that option because I was hoping our much-missed fallen comrade Shiadoa might drop in to post a badly-punctuated sardonic comment.


So who was hospitalized? :thinking:

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I can think of a few who might check themselves in out of an abundance of precaution.


I think that’s the very few?

I’ve had definitely once and possibly twice, I feel healthier now than I did before, only problem I have is shifting extra weight that I can’t blame on Covid.

You do know that the 19 in covid-19 stands for 2019, right? That means no one got this and then had a health consequence 10 years later. I’m pretty sure BigDave was making fun of the covid-alarmists.

Yeah, I’m wondering that. I don’t recall anyone mentioning it in the “COVID experience” thread.

We’ve only had 16 votes so far, and obviously there’s some bias, but I’m pleased to note that ‘56%’ is close to my finger-in-the-air guess of 50% who have never had COVID.

Currently 20 votes and 18 voters. It seems that a couple of people have voted twice? How is that possible? All of the options seem fairly mutually exclusive.

Is it the Americans rigging votes again?

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had it twice. i noticed no option for “forced to stay in hospital because taiwan” lol.


FIFY. But yeah, I’m not sure why these two numbers are different.

I didn’t have a fever, though I felt on the verge of one for half a day or so in the middle. Didn’t have much of a sore throat or cough either. I was mostly just sniffly and a bit tired (still am, actually, 9 days later), and perhaps a bit foggier in the head than usual, but my sleeping also got messed up by staying at home with no exercise so that probably contributed at least as much as the virus.

I took 1.5 weeks off work (well, 90% off work), but I probably didn’t need to. I’d just had a stressful couple of weeks immediately beforehand and couldn’t be bothered anymore. Maybe tomorrow. :man_shrugging:

I would say “hospitalized” should mean hospitalized out of medical necessity, not just hospitalized because Taiwan (I guess that was much earlier in the pandemic?).

Yeah, my intent was “I had it so bad I had to seek emergency medical care”.

I voted twice because I could go about life as normal except for speaking because I had a pretty sore throat. I was between those two options basically.

I haven’t had Covid, despite licking everything in the supermarket.


I was making a bad joke.

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I’d be interested to see how social people who haven’t gotten Covid are. I only know one person who’s quite social but still hasn’t gotten it. All the other people I know who haven’t gotten it basically sit at desks at work then go home and sit at another desk.