Head to Head, The Music Never Stopped being argumentative Thread


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Village Green Preservation Society is one of my favourites.

I prefer The Kinks, cos they are from London and I’m a regional racist. :yum:

Thaaaaaank you. That was my, surprising actually, starting point. What did they write that was good, you deep…not that love me do crap and not the egodriven Sgt. Peppers.

They inspired a fair few bands.

So did Big Star.

yer point being?

You’re talking shite?

You might not rate the Beatles, which is fine, but many bands were massively influenced by them. Perhaps if you give examples of bands you like post- Beatles we could decide the level of influence.

Oh my heavens! Talking shit in a band head to head thread on a website?


I never said the Beatles weren’t good or weren’t influential. What’s yer beef? :grimacing:

I had a reread that…I think that’s what I meant. The Beatles just don’t strike the same chords in me that the Kinks do…and their better stuff…picture yourself on a boat on a river…for example…is as Finely I believe, said is…inane.

You agreed that they weren’t inspiring, when that clearly wasn’t the case.

I have no beef. You’re just wrong, unless you’re simply subjective.

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Again…consider the thread.

Ahem. :wink:

I’m not clicking that. Could be pron. :noway:

Some ARTISTS are just way ahead of their time and offer a wide repertoire of innovative shit.

Kinks heads down over the Beatles.

Iggy Pop, Ofra Haza, Serge Gainsbourg (innovator in concept albums) --so cool. Every time I listen to histoire de melody nelson I am in awe of Gainsbourg. 1971 AND so ahead of its time.

(1040) Serge Gainsbourg - L’hôtel particulier (Histoire de Melody Nelson 5/7) - YouTube

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I don’t know how to embed a video. Take your chance, live on the edge. (It is hot pron😍)

Double click the url…it’s gets longer…hey just like pron. Then copy and paste it.

I think this is what I was feeling yesterday. It’s not just deeper but there’s more of it.

Next week a fairer fight maybe, Elvis Costello vs Springsteen.

Yeah, that Gainsbourg album linked above is basically a blueprint for trip hop two decades later.

Likewise, for all her loyalty to tradition, Haza never shied away from experimentation. Her innovation was to pluck centuries old melodies out of the folk-club ghetto to international acclaim. (1040) Ofra Haza - Im Nin’Alu [1978] - YouTube (1040) Sadnat Te’atron 1978 1 - Ofra Haza - YouTube

Likewise, I really can not believe this Iggy Pop/Stooges tune is late 1960s: (1040) I Wanna Be Your Dog - YouTube

Who wins that one? :thinking:

Can you set up an undercard fight between Karen Mok and Wang Fei?
Perhaps with mud involved?

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