Headphones thread

You can check out the same ones here on Amazon and it has a few reviews. You can always use an image search to see all the websites selling this model.
Amazon.com: G100 Bone Conduction Bluetooth 5.0 Headset Wireless Headphones Outdoor Waterproof Sport Headset with Microphone for All Phone (Black): Home Audio & Theater

If you are lucky, they are worth NT900 & last a few years, but if you are unlucky they might be dead after a few weeks/months. Those manufacturers buy old or used or counterfeit integrated circuits to save on costs in most cases…so it is a roll of the dice regarding how long they might last.

I’m not sure if Costco neihu still has them, but I saw Aftershokz AEROPEX there for ~NT4200-4500 10 days ago.

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Sony WH CH510

At NT 1,400 these are some of the cheapest Bluetooth headphones around, Sony too.

I’ve had them for about 4 months, very happy with them. I can’t ever go back to wires. Also great for Skype.

5~10k on headphones? At that price, I’m guaranteed to sit on them, or leave them on the mrt.

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I posted this in the vinyl thread, but I’ll be working these in over the next few weeks:

Keeps the ears warm too as an added bonus!

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Got me the Motorola earbuds they sell at Costco half on impulse, so I did not research the product before hand. Heck I haven’t figured out yet how they work.

I like the fact that they come in their own little pod and they are allegedly waterproof.

Anyone else got them?

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No, those Aftershokz Trainerz are different and I don’t think they even have bluetooth. Those ‘store’ MP3 files so you can use without phone if you are into that. But if you using streaming services like Spotify you are out of luck.

Costco Neihu had the actual Aftershokz AEROPEX in store. They also put out a sample pair where you could put them on and listen to sample music but a little awkward to put on there with a security wire on them.

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