Health care is ridiculous in the US


There’s a lot of negatives of Taiwan for sure but the health care here is really affordable. My mom just got back from the US for a visit. She had a strong case of the flu there and her doctors visits and medicine costs more than her entire cancer treatment in Taiwan. She is completely cancer free from stage 3 breast cancer on both sides and for the next 5 years she doesn’t have to pay to see the doctors because she’s considered as a severely sick resident. That’s just crazy how without insurance, getting the flu is more costly than treating cancer in Taiwan.


It’s a fucking embarrassment, and it seems like there’s no political will to fix it at all.


Someone in the US really needs to control the pricing .It is ridiculous


That would be against the concept of the free market…if drug and medical costs were set by market forces.


Healthcare system in USA is shit, or that’s what I heard. Apparently it’s not that things are that expensive there, but prices are super inflated so that you do need a health insurance.


I’ve found that with most medication, the prices in Taiwan is cheaper out of pocket than with insurance in the US.


Yeah, maybe. My point is that prices are inflated, and much, so that you need that private health insurance. Even if prices with insurance are still expensive if compared with prices here… or in Europe or Spain.


Wasn’t trying to disagree with your point. Just saying it’s so ridiculously expensive, that even with the high priced insurance, medications are not even cheaper than paying out of pocket for them in Taiwan. That’s how bad things are.

I mean I’ve never heard of families losing their house and going into ridiculous debt because someone had cancer or something in Taiwan. But even with insurance, people literally lose thier entire savings and their house and still be in debt.


How much was it?


This World is fuckin’ shit. Europe is probably going to follow the Asian work standards and the American Health System standards… or my country will, if there’s no blood bath first. Shame of everything.


I don’t know the exact price. I was just talking to my mom about her trip and she told me how ridiculous the whole process was without insurance because we no longer pay for insurance in the US now since we’ve all decided to stay more permanently in Taiwan.

I think it was a couple hundred for just one visit. Not including running test or anything else. Just to have the doctor look at you was a couple hundred US dollars.

I got a X-ray done in the US without insurance…and it was in the thousands. I had a doctor at the clinic in Taiwan not charge me for an X-ray once.


Wait…That’s a Libertarian idea?:grinning:
I agree with many of the policies but some just won’t work in the real world ,sadly , we are all too selfish. Private Armies, Private Policing, The free Market is great …in most cases but not all. I hate most Marxist , share everything ideas, but agree that some basic services like Health should be available to all. I’m willing to contribute ( or have my cash stolen !) for that.
I guess the Brits are used to it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That is why Libertarianism will not work. It is a great idea. But so is eating ice cream 24/7. Reality, is a cruel mistress.

I like the idea of a mixed HC system. Publicly funded, but privately managed system. But that would mean a breakup of HC cartels. And money and greed comeback in and K street will dash all hopes of that.


Can anyone also explain to me why do I have to go to a completely separate place for the pharmacy to get medications in the US when in Taiwan there is a pharmacy in the hospital and most clinics? Who was the idiot that did this. So I’m sick and in pain, waited 4 hours to finally see the doctor in the US. When I’m done I got to go to a separate place and wait again…and sometimes the pharmacy isn’t even open and I have to wait the next day or drive a hour to the next town with a 24hr pharmacy


I agree. I fear that there would be horror if the Government stepped in with price controls. In the case of blatant , extreme pricing, I do feel that it should be capped at a level, allowing Drug companies to invest in new Product but not charging 100 times more than they will sell the same product elsewhere.


Does anyone know how the prices of medical school is compared to Taiwan? I’ve also not heard of people still paying of their debt as a doctor after years.




My alma mater charges US$45k per year for in-state students. Tag another US$20k for out of state.

These are all hinged on getting in. The acceptance rates are low, and lower depending on residency and citizenship. UMKC accepts 4 per year. Rush in Chicago accepts less than 1% of its applicants that make it to the selection.


It’s awfully funny hearing that from an anarchist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why? Libertarianism is oppression-lite. Any form of government or law and order is oppression. Not really the proper thread for this discussion, though. Do I have split power, or is that only reserved for the anointed?