Heaters: Who needs 'em?

Miserable yes, but usually not as cold as we’ve had lately.

If you haven’t needed a heater yet, I wouldn’t bother at this stage.

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The last ten years have been much warmer than the previous ten years. I believe the data backs this up. 20 years ago and before that this kind of Winter cold spell wasn’t exceptional.
Last year was also possibly the warmest on record or close to it?
But then this Winter is the coldest for decades in many places, its probably the Artic oscillation being disturbed again.

Around CNY last year was probably the coldest it got, I remember not having to dust off the heater until then. This year has certainly been colder and wetter than the last few.

For Taipei’ers;

How long you need a heater for will depend on your origins and newness!

FYI the record for the lowest temperature in Taipei is apparently -0.2°C (31.6°F), set on 13 February 1901!


Wouldn’t be pleasant. The 4L cans would be a better option, you’d just be buying more frequently.

Due to the concrete alone, everything else being equal, we would probably never see that again.

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In other news, heads up: lately the firefighters receive 62 calls a day for home fires, most caused by the heaters. Then by dehumidifiers.

The kerosene heaters are more efficient at generating heat but the one I had in Taiwan had to be reloaded every twelve hours. One gallon per twelve hours

Since our apartment was drafty it wasn’t a worry about CO poisoning

The oil transfer heaters are great for drying clothes because in that sort of weather clothes don’t dry