Heineken Mini Kegs rant

Got one of those mini kegs of Heineken a couple days ago. Actually a friend bought it and we started to tap it. When we discovered that one has to actually read the damn instructions and found that you have to leave it in the fridge for 10 hours, we ended up drinking cans. No problem for me. He left it in my fridge. I pulled it for the holiday and poured myself a 16 oz glass of foam. No problem - the next glass will be straight on - - - not. So here I sit waiting for the foam to settle to liquid gold and cruising Forumosa. Damn!!!
My suggestion - stay with the cans or bottles. The mini-keg sucks.

Suggestion … don’t drink Heineken … it’s not a beer … it’s pi**

Liquid gold from a Heinie can? That’ll be a first!

oops! :s

Liquid gold from a Heinie can? That’ll be a first![/quote]

… and you’ll have to wait until st. juttemis for that to happen … :smiley:

You cruel bastards. The man has had a beer tragedy and all you can do is criticize his choice of beverage. So if I see you blokes crawling through the desert on your hands and knees I’ll make sure not to offer you a cold Taiwan Beer. :laughing:

No he hasn’t. He’s been saved from one. If he’d actually have drunk any of it, now, THAT would have been a tragedy. :laughing:

Suggestion #1 -
Do Not Shake the Keg 1st. There should be sufficient carbonation for dispensing without additional shaking.

Suggestion #2 -
See previous comments re: Heineken and believe them.

The empty keg makes a great lamp.

at $800 for 5L bottles are cheaper!

I hear water’s nice…


Heineken is such a shit beer, I’d much rather drink Taiwan Beer, although Kirin beats them both hands down.

For a real beer: www.mybeer.com.tw

bloody hell man… you may well have saved my life with a single link… :notworthy:

I haven’t even drank a beer for quite some time and Heine puts a bad taste in my mouth. I still say the best beer gracing the ol’ 7-11 cooler is Taiwan Gold Medal. in the bottle. Now that’s a taste worth tipplin’ for! Hic!

bloody hell man… you may well have saved my life with a single link… :notworthy:[/quote]

Didn’t you know about Geert? This is his site, the beer guy from kaoshiung (Gaoxiung)

only those fortunate enough to live around belgium knows what real beer should taste like

Don’t they sell Kirin next to the paint thinner at the B&Q stores?

So you guys are telling me that you don’t have a spouse going to Europe almost twice a month and always bringing some of Europe’s finest beers back home? Ups… :smiley:

Don’t need to, I’ve them in house, just take them from the fridge or shelf

That’s where mine are now too, but not at that amount of your stock of course. There are also no supplies of Gulasch or BELGIUM fries around. :frowning:
Sooner or later the next visit to Sanxia has to come. Looking forward to that. :wink: