Help Finding a Missing Person - Alice Ku

Hi - long time lurker, first time poster. Sadly, the post is about my sister who has gone missing when she took a trip to Taiwan. Our last contact with her was 11/27th. If you have seen her or have any information at all regarding her whereabouts, social circle, literally anything, please email me at Thank you.


Why does it say she’s missing from Sunnyvale?


Did you contact to taiwan police or immigration?

she’s from the sunnyvale area but her last known location is in Taiwan

Yes - we contacted police and immigration already, as well as AIT

This poster makes it look like she’s missing in Sunnyvale not Taiwan. Maybe it would help if that key information is more clear.

Do you have any other key information?

What was she doing in Taiwan?

Friends or family in Taiwan? Boyfriend? Lover?

Who was the last person that saw her?

Last known location in Taiwan and time?

You said she moved without a leaving a forwarding address, does that mean it’s possible she doesn’t want to be found by the family?


Usually when police fibd missing people, they ask if they want their location to remain private. In which case they tell the people searching they are alive and well but do not disclose any other details, or you can just tell the police where you are going and not to try to find them and they won’t disclose information to the family members.


Many people on this forum have lots of lots of contacts all over Taiwan and many years of continuity and experience in many types of groups and settings.

Any additional information available will be helpful.

Exactly; does she have relatives or friends in Taiwan? Where do they live? Did she ever teach here? If so, where?

Pasting a couple of links, don’t know if they’ll be helpful:你看到過她嗎-華裔女失聯兩周-家屬報警尋人-221400719.html

I seem to remember being advised not to link to Reddit, or something like that, but I can’t help mentioning that there’s a brief thread there started by someone who indicates he or she knows the person in question.

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You’re remembering wrong perhaps? I can’t see any reason not to, and people do it often enough.


That info says she’s missing from California but OP made it sound like she is in Taiwan?

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Right. I did the same thing at AIT yars ago. It worked. Despite attempts to get through to me, they said, noop, he wants to be left alone.

This woman is 37 years old and is under no legal obligation to prove her safety or provide her whereaboots to her family. It sucks for them, but she may simply be exercising something we used to call privacy. There’s nothing in the missing person flier that suggests foul play or that she’s in danger or is a danger to herself or others. :idunno:


Thanks. :slight_smile: I don’t know whether the reddit thread will contain anything helpful, though.

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I’m still unclear where she went missing from.

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He said Taiwan.

There’s this. But little else.

The Chinese news @Charlie_Jack linked tells some more. It seems that she has some relatives in Taiwan.

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Yeah, I wonder if a private investigator would respect that choice of privacy as well?

I guess not.