Help Finding a Missing Person - Alice Ku

Not sure if this info would still help or not, but I was one of her students around the time of her disappearance. I was a minor back then but currently I am 18 now. After reading about her disappearance, I couldn’t help but notice all the details that I had noticed about her back then. First off, there was no hints that she had a husband or if she was even dating anyone at the time. I always saw her as single. This gives me a suspicion that the relationship may have been rather “toxic” or unhealthy since she had never told anyone or showed any signs of being in a relationship. As for the little details I’ve noticed about her back then… I noticed that over the course of a year (or two, i dont recall very well), she had at least 3 phone replacements for whatever reason. I would remember her coming in for my tutoring class and I would ask her why she had a new phone. I remember one of the reasons was that she dropped and broke it, which yes, can be reasonable. However, I do remember another one of her reason’s of getting a new phone was that someone had pick pocketed her phone out of her purse while shopping at a grocery store. Now that I think of it, that just doesn’t sound very reasonable. I find it hard to believe that someone would only reach into her purse and only take the phone when they could’ve taken money, credit cards, etc. I also remember another incident when she came to class with lots of marks on her wrist. I asked her what it was and she just claimed that it was a rash of some sort. These marks did not look like “self harm” marks, but rather just dark skin marks.

I’m not sure if this information helps a lot as all the found evidence already leans toward the husband. I do also suspect the husband as the stories just do not add up. These minor details that I’ve noticed does hint towards some kind of abuse or toxic relationship that MAY have occurred between the two. I assume that the reason she had to replace her phone multiple times is likely due to her husband breaking her phones. Not sure, but very likely. As far as the email allegedly sent to her husband, I don’t think that was real as not once did she use email to communicate with me or my family. I hope this was informative.


Thanks for your input.

Then there’s this story:

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That looks like the same case I linked on July 26.


Justice moves slowly.

The Ku’s attorneys are claiming that a few days after Alice Ku’s disappearance, her husband sent an email from her computer, which was in his hotel room, claiming to be Alice and claiming to be on the other side of the island. The attorneys are trying to subpeona email records and data from Google (the email provider) and Google is dragging its feet and filing motions for extension of time.

Taiwan police are allegedly investigating but are tight lipped. They won’t say what they know, if anything, and no death certificate has been issued in Taiwan.


The local cops should go and trace his movements, and try and find that body. It’s difficult but it’s not impossible.

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They’d only need the IP address to prove location and time of original email through records either Alice’s phone or the wifi router at the hotel. Google should know this.

It could be anywhere until departing Taiwan as well. It could be possible to have solicited cooperation. Maybe even a lot more likely. It might be difficult for someone unfamiliar with Tarako to successfully execute such a crime and hide all evidence in such a short time frame.

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I think it’s most likely he pushed her on one of the Taroko bridges, so her body is likely somewhere in the gorge. Could have been drowned away by the water or an animal could have devoured it by now. If they look there thoroughly that might be their best chance at finding it.

Like one of the main highway bridges?

Maybe. But based on images of the park there are a lot of high cliffs and bridges. It seems very plausible to execute a crime here where you push a person and not have the body found.

I feel like it would take some planning, and I’m not sure how possible that was under the circumstances. I can’t really imagine executing such a crime and then running about to find the perfect spot, or randomly choosing one and being lucky enough for it not to be uncovered. But it could be, or one could have assistance.