Help: Getting Driver License in Taiwan. Has USA Drivers License

I have a valid US drivers license that expires on 8/27/2020. I know I need the following to get a Taiwan drivers license for driving cars only. However, I need help verfiying exactly what I need and how to get it.

  • Need Taiwan ID - I have this.
  • Need notorized document from US Consulates to verify authenticity of US license - I know how to get this
  • Need medical examination report - My question is where and how do I get this at a local hospital? What do I ask?
  • Once above two documents are obtained, where do I go to get drivers license? My home is in Yilan. Is there a specific location I must go to obtain a Taiwan drivers license?

Thank you in advance for helping.

Go here:

They will tell you everything you need to know.

Consider that if you exchange your license to a Taiwanese one the US license will be revoked (at least it is supposed to happen). You have to exchange it back when you go back to US.

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Thank you for this.

Update: Yep as usually…no one ever answers the phone…sigh.

I did the medical test for driving license (Motorcycles and car) , there is a list of the authorized clinics that do this kind of test , you need to bring 2 photos and for driving car I think is 200ntd

For Yilan these are the clinics where you can do the medical examination report
宜蘭縣宜蘭市中山路 3 段 163 號(Tel : 03-932-4053)
宜蘭縣宜蘭市昇平街 72 號(Tel : 03-932-7483)
宜蘭縣宜蘭市神農路 1 段 95.97.99 號 (Tel : 03-931-1230)

For other clinics in Taipei city ,


OMG, you are the bomb. The volunteer at Yang Ming told me the wrong thing and I went to the hospital for nothing.

Thank you so much!!!

In the Taipei motor city website says that medical checkup certificate can be done by any public hospital within 1 year, but at the same time they have a list of clinics , so is kind of confusing

Anyway medical checkup is easy , it took me like less than 10 minutes ,

  • Record your height and weight
  • Check your hearing - tuning fork sounded left and right, ask if you hear it.
  • A color blindness test.
  • Check to see if you have all 4 limbs.
  • Ask you to produce both your hands.
  • Get you to squat down and rise up one time.

you can find more detail info about here :

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I was pretty stressed about having a physical to be honest. I thought it would be like in the states and they’ll need to examine my weewee. What a relief.

Excuse me? Which DMV do you go to?

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Not DMV, but general physical. Its mandatory for most cases. Example: if you want to play any sports in the US you must go through a medical physical and it requires doctor to check various parts of your body. They’ll grab your balls and ask you to cough.

And was it actually a DMV employee that asked?

Do you want it to be DMV employee to ask?!? I can make it happen here.