Hike Sunday March 5: Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail

Okay, finally the hiking club goes back into motion. This Sunday, for the sake of Limey, we will head out the Sandiaoling Waterfall area. We did this trail last spring. It’s gorgeous, fresh, easy-going, if somewhat long, and introduces you to some of the highest falls in the north. If it is a nice day there are a few chances to get wet, though unless we do a little bush-whacking or river tracing, no big pools.

We will meet at the Taipei Main Railway Station. There are no roads into the are so its trains all the way. I will post times later.

Walking time is around 4-5 hours. It’s mostly easy, gentle hiking with a few climbs up rope and log ladders. Nothing too challenging.

Here are some pics:

This fall you can actually stand right behind.

I sat down on the rocks here once and posed like a venerable one. I hope Chris still has the pic.

This next one is Shifen Falls. We pass by this on the last stretch as we hike along the tracks back to Shifen. You have to pay to get into this one.

What a great way to celebrate my birthday…on the 6th. Cheers MM. I’ll try to get the better half out on this one! L.

Oh great stuff. Another birthday. Then for certain I was right to think of you.

Yes, get the gal out. It’s not a difficult hike.

gear wise - what do we need? i am still minus decent boots… wet weather gear?

Runners will do. If it looks like we will have some rain, then yes, bring along a gortex jacket if you have one, a gortex hat, and an umbrella. There are only a couple ladders and scrambled where you’ll need your hands, so an umbrella is fine. Rain pants are great if you have them, but not necessary. Try to wear pants and shirt that are dry tech. Especially the shirt.

I know everyone laughs when I wear it, but the green cape it excellent. I bought it at a equipment shop near Guting station. It is just a thin, waterproorf plastic cape. It works well though in this kind of weather because it is open in the front so you don’t trap heat and get sweaty as with a gortex jacket or one of those scooter long jackets. I also have a nice water resistant sweater type pullover that repells water and works great with an umbrella. I was out walking for 4 hours on Sunday throughout Maokong with just this and an umbrella.

Don’t worry too much about gear. Half the group still use yellow rainjackets from 7-11. And no matter what you wear you will get damp because of sweat and humidity. Just avoid getting drenched. And dry tech will mean you dry off quickly when you rest and don’t get as wet as you would with cotton.

Remember, it’ll probably be 18 degrees or higher that day. Not exactly a recipe for hypothermia or anything more serious than discomfort.

I think we can make it! I really want to see the Shifen Falls, there was no time to see them before the lantern fest. I might go out and buy a cobra hat for the wet weather.

Thats ShiFen… hmmm, is it really in the Hiking Clubs charter to visit manmade objects? :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t say man-made. Man-modified. But the others are all natural. In any case, on a good day, Shifen is still a lovely fall. It’s the Nicaragua of Taiwan, as they say. :slight_smile:

i thought that main fall was totally man made… there is rebar sticking out of it everywhere…

No, just part of the flat at the top. I have a pic of some friends there when the water level is less than half what it is above. You can see it’s all natural rock below. They just made it a little wider at the top. The man-made part was kind of silly really. All it does is give a little wide flat cascade at the very top. But the really beautiful veil of the fall is natural.

I’m there! I love this hike.

cool… thx mm, i have been foooled for years. found the boots i have been looking for so i should be geared up! blisters at the ready

I was curious how long it would be before you logged on. :laughing:

this is pretty much an all natural hiking group, except for Mucha_Man, he is full of preservatives.

I’m in no girlie though, she’s busy.;(

Commas, please. I read that as a statement that you aren’t in a girl, as she is busy. So what are you in, then? :slight_smile:

Boots? You’re going to encase your feet in boots? What’s wrong with hiking bare-footed? You’re not one of those soft, degenerate city boys, are you?

:blush: , :laughing:

Commas, please. I read that as a statement that you aren’t in a girl, as she is busy. So what are you in, then? :slight_smile:[/quote]
He’s in trouble with the grammar police, that’s what. :wink:

We’re expecting company that day, so I can’t make it. You guys have fun out there.

Woohoo!!! I THINK I might be able to make this one. Fingers crossed. It sounds great.