HiNet Internet very slow

I have some problems with the HiNet internet at home.
Last couple of days the connection becomes very slow. Websites time out. In the morning all was fine again and now back to shitty internet.

I did some analysis and found interesting things. My internet still has full speed to servers hosted in Taiwan, but connecting to a website in Europe or US is almost impossible.
Google and other big companies that have a local data center or CDN in Taiwan work fine.

So currently the backbone that connects HiNet to international traffic is overloaded. Anyone have a similar issue?

Btw. when I tether to my phone (Chunghwa Telecom) all works fine. So the problem is with HiNet! :angry:

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Not noticing anything strange on cable internet.

I am having the same problem.

Just saw some info here:


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That’s the reason why I kept getting disconnected while playing Gwent. Damn, lost two matches in a row due to a disconnection!
I was starting to wonder wtf was going on.

Me four, to some extent. No actual schadenfreude involved, but I’m glad it ain’t just me, because that lowers the odds that the problem lies with my 'puter.

I tried something like that yesterday or thereabouts, with that Ookla speed test thing, and my connection was pathetically slow outside Taiwan.

It seems to be getting better. I hope was just a phase. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope so.

There’s been some problem with the submarine cable, like the cables were broken or something.

The connection to Europe, America, and Japan will be affected, till May.

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Care for a round of gwent?

Step away, while you can.

I may have to read a book.

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I guess I was wrong about it seeming to get better. I just visited speedtest.net, and my connection is still extremely slow on a small sampling of servers outside Taiwan, except for Manila, Sydney, and Auckland.

There’s a damaged undersea cable that’s making the internet slow in taiwan.

Weirdly only seems to be an issue with CHT ADSL, when I tether to my CHT mobile I get full speeds.

Now we know that one undersea cable is damaged it makes sense that at peak times (evenings) the other remaining cables can not handle the load.

I think mobile data might be prioritized in routing (QoS). If DSL is slow you can tether to your mobile for web browsing.

Sucks that it will take 1 month for the repairs.

It should get a little better when they tweak the routing of internet traffic a bit for the current situation.

Funny that kbro seems unaffected.

My Cable Internet was extremely slow last Friday when I was trying to download an updated version of my Anti-Virus program (Kaspersky) via their servers in Europe…normally a 10 minute download took me more than 2 hours (189MB only)…Maybe the damaged underwater cable was to blame? Hmmmmm…


Kbro’s not just unaffected…its got faster in my area because they finally bit the bullet and switched out their lines. But yeah, I thought everyone was using the same cables.

It works well in the morning and afternoon, but after 5/6pm the performance drops drastically, at least for me.