HiNet Internet very slow



I tried to google but couldn’t come up with anything - is there a status page that I can find the latest update (if any) on the cable repairs? Cheerio!





Taipei, April 24 (CNA) Damage to the Asia-Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) undersea cables that have disrupted internet connections in the Asia-Pacific region, could be fixed on May 8, Chunghwa Telecom Co. said Monday.

At least one more week. :weary:


That Hinet page was exactly what I was looking for, thank you :).


It works well in the morning and afternoon, but after 5/6pm the performance drops drastically, at least for me.

I have the same experience with a 100M optical contract with HiNet, but for years, not only recently. From around 6/7pm to 11/12pm, the connection is really slow and interrupting.

Probably the problem has little to do with the APCN2. (I was on board for the installation of cable in the past)

The connections to servers in California, Texas, AU, Singapore, Russia become really slow as far as I know.

Does anyone know if using VPN can solve this problem or not? Please share your experiences with VPN. Thank you.


When I can’t access any european websites anymore I use VPN over Hong Kong, that helps.

Even better results if I chain the VPN Server to force a specific route through the internet e.g. TW-HK-EU avoiding going through US and it’s sea cables.


I had my home wifi fixed recently. Then, it went kaput, literally. It may or may not connect, or connects and does not hold for long. I was blaming this undersea adventure cable but could it be something else? The system tells me for example that the link between my device and the router is OK, the problem is the router and the rest of the Intraweb of teh world.


I called the Hinet helpline to complain about the poor speeds and almost choked when the operator actually came out with the statement that the undersea cable had been bitten by a shark, I thought this was just a joke going round on local BBS! This appears to be Hinets official comment though.

Once I’d recovered I asked what their compensation plan was as I am paying for a connection that’s all but unusable, am paying for Netflix which I can’t watch, am paying for XBOX live which I can’t use among others. I was told that as the service was usable, however poor, they won’t be offering compensation. This changed to I would get a call back tomorrow after I pointed out that my contract was up and if this was Hinets official response then I wanted to cancel the service.

I have zero confidence that they will offer anything other than BS, give them a call however and let your voice be heard. If necessary they have a translation service that they can call on so don’t worry about language issues.


I think the “shark bites undersea cable” explaination may not be too absurd, I remember a YT video with a shark chewing on one of those cables some time ago.


Possible however given that the ship to lift the cable has not yet arrived on site I’m not sure how they can make the statement with such confidence. Couple this with studies on shark bite damage to undersea cables, or the lack thereof, and I call BS on it.



Getting compensation is improbable. They will declare it was Force majeure and they will be free from liability.

A shark as the cause is not likely, more like underwater landslide or fishing operations.


That is true, however there’s an increased chance of compensation if you ask for it versus not asking. I’d be more than happy if they suspend the HiNet charge for the period. I’d also be somewhat happy if they don’t because it will finally get me off my ass and cancelling the service to replace it with the local cable companies 300Mb cheaper service.

What has pi$$ed me off most about the whole thing is that CHT have the capacity, they’re just choosing who to give it to. When I tether from my CHT 4G mobile I can watch Netflix, use BT etc with almost normal speeds, switch to my ADSL and speeds drop off a cliff.


I agree CHT just don’t want to pay the price to use other routes for all customers traffic. Cheap assholes.


Needless to say I never got the call back from CHT. Called them again tonight and they claim someone tried to call me at 6pm today but I was out of service. Complete BS which I pulled them on by asking what they wanted to tell me at 6pm which of course they couldn’t answer.

Repair time for the cable has moved from the previous statement of May 8th to “sometime” in May, maybe the middle, don’t hold your breath.

Oh, and someone will call me sometime but if they don’t I should call them back.


My wifi was smooth as silk all Saturday. Then Sunday, it started sputtering, sput sput… kaput.


Got a callback from CHT today. Repair time for the cable might start today or might not and could be finished by the end of May or else the 22nd or else it’s not clear at this time. In the meantime with CHT have been reallocating capacity from somewhere so now there is no problem accessing overseas websites. You are not having any problem accessing Netflix, Youtube, Facebook or even using BT. If you think you are having problems it’s in your imagination as there is no problem now.

Should you continue to think you are having problems you should connect to port 2 of your router (!?) and all will be good. If you still think you are having problems then you should set your PPOE username and password in your router, if it’s already set in your router then you should remove it and set it in your computer. Your imaginary problems will all go away then.

In case you are still having difficulty with this you need to take a day off work and wait for a CHT engineer to call around and tell you there is no problem. He will demonstrate there is no problem by doing a speed test to the closest CHT server he can find.

Hinet state that no customers have been complaining therefore there is no problem. As the service is still usable they will not be offering any compensation, so suck it up, bend over and take it.

Seriously though, if you haven’t called up and complained then do so, even if only for the entertainment value. I believe after 8pm they use a third party translation service which can be entertaining in it’s own right if you understand Chinese and feel the difficulty the translator has in trying to explain something completely illogical to you when they know themselves it makes no logical sense in any language. 0800 080 128, call and enjoy!


A++ will read again. Seem phone support is the same everywhere in the world :).


Well, since the Internet just completely fails, does not connect in any form of device or crevice/port/wire/etc. yes, I will call, with the ensuing day off - have to take one anyway as the cable guy still hasn’t shown up…


Saturday mornings are apparently an option


Not for cable. Only Monday thru Friday. Chunghwa is only Thursdays, by appointment.


As a matter of fact, HiNet is the sub-company of Chunghwa Telecom.