HiNet Internet very slow



You’re using Hi-Net? If so any day before 6.30pm and I believe half day Saturday can be arranged.


Might have to stop being such a grouch…Got a call from Hi-Net just now, same lady who called me at 11am today so I guess my day has been better than hers…She states that the undersea line is now fixed so all is truly well in the world again!

My BT is now downloading 2 extremely well seeded torrents at a blistering 11.4kB/s, a ping to Netflix.com is at well over 5000mS.

They asked me to email the tractert to them which I did, took them a few minutes to get the email as “the system is running slow”…it will also take 3 days or so before anyone can analyse it.

On the plus side youtube appears to be working again.


I am getting compensated!! I won’t reveal how mega rich I am going to be however I do think that the cost of the phone calls to them will be close to the amount and if I add in the cost of my time I’m at a negative…