Hints from Housecat

Hint #1:

If you hit a skunk and have a hot date later that night, you should wrap a sprig or two of fresh Rosemary in brown paper and place that in a pan and light the paper. The Rosemary needs to be fresh so it will not burn, but will smoke like the dickens. Set the pan in the closed car for an hour or two and then air it out. It should be skunk smell free and only slightly smokey for your date!


If your car battery is corroded, sprinkel generously with baking soda and add a few drops of water. If you don’t have baking soda handy, try a coke. That stuff will eat through anything!


To get up candel wax that you’ve dripped into your carpet, use an iron on about cotton setting and a paper towel. Place the towel directly over the wax and iron it. Be careful to keep the iron moving so as not to set the paper towel on fire. The towel will absorb the wax as it melts.


Feel free to add your own hints.

Do you have any hints on shutting Sarah Palin up? :bluemad:

From the wide wide world of software project management:

If you can gracefully manage to ignore a customer’s complaint for no longer than 24 hours, most of the time their problem will go away.

If you can manage to be graceful and make them think the problem is their fault, you can buy yourself another 24 hours and even bigger problems magically go away.

It’s pretty tricky, though, especially the last.

This advice is pretty valuable in dollar terms, but it don’t hold a candle to housecat’s skunk-hittin’ advice. Now that’s a treasure. :slight_smile:

Men who describe themself as ‘well-travelled’ are always deathly boring. Although they usually take you to nice restaurants, it is not worth it.

Jamie Oliver, though a complete twat, does a cracking prawn linguine. The green olives are better than the black.

Here’s one for the boys. Burgundy coloured shirts; NO. FFS, go and get changed, how old are you?

When you say hit a skunk, you mean just by running one over the stink fills the car? Is this a fairly common problem in parts of the Americas? IS this rosemary treatment well known? What fascinating little creatures. Ever since I was a kid watching Pepe Le Pew I’ve wanted to experience the smell of a skunk.


I always wanted to know if it’s really as bad as it seems in films. I imagine it to smaell like strong pee.

I always thought it must smell like something dead and rotten, but I think the reason we don;t know is this typical description:

A Google on skunk smell shows just how serious this problem must be! And get this, apparently that stuff they spray is phosphorescent! Can you tame them? Keep them as pets and make them squirt people you don;t like? If I don’t experience a skunk before I die I think I’ll have to come back for another go at this life business.


Buttercup - yeah, it’s bad - sort of an acrid-pee smell that doesn’t go away. It just lingers on and on like a date with a well travelled man in a burgundy shirt.

:laughing: :bravo:

It’s a lot worse than that!

I was camping with some friends one summer in upstate NY, and my friend got up to relieve himself in the middle of the night, inadvetantly stepping on a skunk’s tail. The spray was so strong that he ended up having to throw away his tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and everything else that was with him. Poor guy had to take lemon juice baths for a few days to get the stench out!!! :laughing:

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]When you say hit a skunk, you mean just by running one over the stink fills the car? Is this a fairly common problem in parts of the Americas? [/quote]You have no idea. If you are unfortunate enough to actually strike, or hit, a skunk with your auto, you are screwed like the proverbial pooch. If you actually managed to strike a skunk in any way such that it’s musk sack ruptured and the oil actually touched anything you value, that ain’t good. In fact, you should seriously consider finding another ride at almost any insurance-adjusted loss (if you’re lucky, that is).

The sheer power of skunk musk may be exceeded only by its durability.

In the middle of America, if your auto even passes by a flattened skunk corpse, you can expect to smell the skunk for a handful of minutes. If you’re unlucky enough to drive over a skunk corpse, you might seriously consider the advice in the paragraph above and sell your auto.

If you live in the middle of the USA, skunks are breeding like mad in early autumn. As autumn progresses, they become more careless…and more likely dead as their antics tend to lead them wherever, which often enough leads them to death via intersection with high speed automobile tires. Even driving by even a days-old skunk corpse, no matter how flattened, can fill your auto with skunk musk.

That ain’t good, believe me. The esthers behind skunk musk are related to garlic oils, but I only wish that explained how bad skunks can screw up your ride.

Like I said, if you have to ask then you have no idea.

My mother uses aerosol insecticide to remove stubborn stains from clothing. She sprays it on the stained area, then lets it stand for 30 mins. She then soaks the garment in a washing powder solution. And it works. No shit.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]When you say hit a skunk, you mean just by running one over the stink fills the car? Is this a fairly common problem in parts of the Americas? IS this rosemary treatment well known? What fascinating little creatures. Ever since I was a kid watching Pepe Le Pew I’ve wanted to experience the smell of a skunk.


No you don’t. That’s like saying-" I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and experience reef rash, the sting of a box jellyfish and getting head butted by a Barney in a singlet."

Another reason you shouldn’t hike at night. I discovered this in college. I froze when I saw that white stripe rustle out from the bushes. No I didn’t get sprayed. But I shit myself. So I guess I was stinky. (Rub shaving cream into carpet if you’ve spilled beer, works on crapped pants too BTW)

Smells like the inside of a balloon that you can’t take off your head, an outhouse filled with smoke from a burning tire.

Remind me to tell you all the story my old riding partner “The Goatboy” told me about migrant Haitian workers in Canada playing with the “cat” they found in their bunkhouse.


I’m backing away from my earlier claims rather rapidly, which is a good thing. I sort of had visions of the missus and I stopping on a US highway and me saying “look, honey, a skunk. Let’s freak it out and see what it smells like.”


HGC, you sound like you’d fit right in here in hickville, USA! “What are a red neck’s last words? Hey y’all, watch this!”

Seems I accidentally started a thread about skunks. They’re all over the place where I live and I have driven past a dead one four times this week and it still stinks to high heaven! Had a dog that got sprayed by one once. We tried to wash him, but he still stunk so bad he would lie around and whine at not being able to escape his own stink!

Tip # whatever:

If you want to start a thread about skunks, start one about tips on how to get out skunk stink.

BTW, yes–people DO keep skunks as pets. They can even be litter trained! But you do have to manage, some how, to get them to the vet and convince the vet to remove the musk sack.

I may have to try that bug spray tip–thanks! The shaving cream tip sounds good, but I never spill my beer.

They’re all over the place in Vancouver (Canada, not USA) too.

I can’t describe the smell, to me it smells like the most offensive body odor ever. Doesn’t smell like anything dying or decaying though.

Hint #914.1: to preserve the color of your clothes in the wash, add a tablespoon of white vinegar with the detergent.

Tip # whatever:

To remove grass stains from your jeans, pee on grass stains and then wash as usual. If you are pregnant, or have a pregnant friend who will pee on your pants for you, this is even better. Don’t ask me why. Also pee on jelly fish stings, or those of your friends. It’s always good fun to pee on a friend, but if you wait 'till they’ve been stung, they’ll actually thank you for it.

Tip # Whatever:

Mom was right–Plain, active culture yogurt will cure a yeast infection.

Tip # Whatever:

Plain yellow table mustard applied directly to posion oak or ivy once or twice a day will cure it in a week or less.

They’re all over the place back home (skunks).
Anyone in the country with a dog knows that you have to go into town, buy a case of tomato juice, fill up the tub and give the dog a bath in the juice.
Most small town stores give discounts on cases for skunkbaths.
When I was growing up, we lived on the edge of town and we had a mother skunk decided to burrow under our back step, and she had her litter under there.
Every night that summer after sundown (they’re nocturnal), you’d look out and see the mama and her five pups waddling off in a line into the bush.
Yeah, folks get 'em de-bagged at home all the time for pets.
You want to know what it smells like?
There’s a reason why they call Skunk weed that, very similar, but a billion times stronger.
I’ve heard tell you can eat them, but I never met anyone who did.
Now, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this fucking burgundy shirt???

Yes, that’s right, Chiefy, can I call you chiefy?, (love the new avatar, btw!), Bloodfruit baths for folks and animals. It’s rather difficult to bathe your dog without getting any of the smell on youself, too. We didn’t do a very good job on our poor doggy. And you really need to soak a while and sometimes it still takes a week or more of baths to really get it all out.

I forgot to add:

When dividing fractions, it is not necessary to flip one fraction and then multiply. You can simply leave your problem as is and commence division directly. However, you may likely end up with an improper fraction that you’ll have to work out as a mixed number or decimal.

To learn how to roll your "r"s, like the Sexy Spaniards do, it might be helpful to say over and over again, “pot of tea,” until you are eventually rolling the “t” into a rolled “r.” At least, that’s what my Spanish teacher told me. I’m a natural roller. Although the “pot of tea” advice did not entirely work for my friend, for whom rolling is completely un-natural, it did get her a lot closer than her first “pa rah-ish” attempts.