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Where to watch NHL season in Taipei and Taiwan? Starts 01.14. 2021.

Games usually start from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. local Taiwan time.

I get this


I removed a link, no illegal streaming links please. Thanks!

Crass Monknoid will probably have some games on. One of the sports channels shows it live.

Checked their webbo page, doesn’t look like crass monknoid Brass Monkey is interested in NHL.

Then we will watch it at a 711 with my tablet, a Bluetooth speaker, and a couple of Jim Beamers. I have a subscription to DAZN.

Hope it’s a 7-Eleven with at least three outdoor tables and chairs.

Gongoun near the river. Pisser at the mall is open until 1030.

You could try contacting them, they might be willing to accommodate.

Hometown team breaks the record for most wins in a season. Points record next.

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And there we have it folks. Hometown team secures the most points in a single season in history. Stanley Cup next.

Kind of difficult to see what happened there

75 stitches sounds excessive…

In the meantime

NBAbies at work

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Where to watch hockey at a public establishment?

Yeah I don’t see blood pouring all over the ice. A skate in the face is always bad but that may be exaggerated :slight_smile:

Seems legit though

Jets' Barron requires 75-plus stitches after taking skate to face | CBC.ca.

hours are rough

Stanley Cup where to watch?

This site isn’t working for me.

Never had an issue with this site. Might have to switch to a different feed or use a VPN to see the game as there are some geo restrictions lately. Or you could try onhockey .

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I select a current game but nothing plays video. Just blank.

Using VPN.