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I am helping a pal coming back to Taiwan and there are of course several options, but I have questions:

Will they ask for a contract in the affidavit you must full out? My pal is abroad, obviously a bit difficult to sign a contract … Or a statement that only you live there is enough?

Place is first floor. That means that when he opens the door to get his food from delivery, he’d be stepping out into the street. Would that be problematic?

Is it possible to extend my wifi all the way to the first floor?

No…well Yes, but not practical and expensive if you are more than one storey above. And concrete really hinders signal and you don’t really wanna buy hundred metre Ethernet cables to drop down to his window to set up an access point for someone in quarantine. But the SIM cards with unlimited Internet are extremely cheap.

Maybe you can even just go to Taiwan Star or something and ask for a ‘test’ card and drop it in his mailbox. Many carriers give test cards that people use to check out if their place gets a good connection.

It’s unlimited for at least a week or two.

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Well, I got the idea from.the previous neighbor who wanted to share Internet. It is just one floor down.

He’s already got a Taiwan SIM. And his technological skills are worse than mine, which is quite a feat.

I would prefer to throw the man in a hotel, actually…but, and here comes another question:

Does anyone have experience coming in with pets? Cats must go one week quarantine. So the guy would be in quarantine one week longer than the cat. I could pick it up from Taoyuan, no biggie, but could the cats then spend the rest of the quarantine with him? Or better with my gang here? Or a pet hotel? Choices, choices…

LOL. People have this perception of quarantine that’s so different from reality.

AFAIK this is done at Immigration in Taiwan. I had a friend go through in the last 72 hours and he wasn’t asked for anything at the airport, but I’ll try and find out more.

I guess they will use some way to verify that yes, he is going there… And it is not an Airbnb.

I signed a form written in Chinese, after the customs officer checked my home address/ place of stay on my arrivals card with the information I had previously filled out online. She asked me a few more questions like how long do I plan to live there and my phone number, took my photo and fingerprints then I was on my way.

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If he fills out the form online, the no. I don’t know how it is done if you do it on arrival.

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