Honduras Migrants on their way


I suspect that there is likely to be a very organized attempt behind this move. What a coincidence that they are due to arrive just before voting in the Mid-terms. Soros/NGO written all over this one…but we will see…happens to be exactly the same tactics they have used in Europe. Of course it is a no-win situation for either side. Wish Soros would spend those Billions helping these people in their own Countries .


Gotta wonder if this will just grow with tag alongs as it gets closer.


If they are getting paid , it is highly likely. I wonder who is paying? Wait and see if it;s China, small price to pay for getting another Country to reject Taiwan. Open Borders /NGO or China…soon know.


There’s obviously something funny going on there, but I doubt it’s anything related to Taiwan. Central America has enough political intrigue of its own that would be an adequate explanation for all this. If there were an annual prize for “Biggest Shithole”, Honduras would certainly be in the running for the Americas. It’s a good source of people who want to leave.


This is the modus operandi of soros & friends, I doubt china is involved.
I’m pretty sure there will soon be a mob of borgs with “migrants / refugees welcome” signs at the border, acting as concerned trolls in exchange for a few $.

Because remember kids, sdrumpf is a literal Hitler who wants to put migrants in concentration camps, so we need to let migrants in.


Suspect it is Larry, Moe and Curly that is behind this.


In wotrds, mexico is threatening to stop teh caravan, the Central American presidents are urging people not to go. If people were any smarter, they would realize the American Dream is over. But the truth is that there is nothing to keep them in their countries, just a death sentence. There are a lot of desentibilizing forces at play. People are kept ignorant and are just useful pawns.

It used to be governments supported migration as it benefited the country: a escape valve to the pressure of social strife plus direct income into the elite´s pockets.

See, the ones financing the Long Hike, the ones hiring the coyotes, the ones that keep the money the migrants send bank in their baks aka personal piggie banks are the elite. And it is the same elite all over Central America. We´ve already had presidents who were cousins, several times I think.

There is no actual left, not even in Nicaragua. It is just an excuse, like some others use extreme right arguments worse than Trumps to get elected and others just go for religion. The most dangerous ones currently are the evangelicals, who have turned Guatemala into a veritable Christian caliphate and seek to do the same in El Salvador and GHonduras, where they have made significant inroads to power. They have a lotta cash, wouldn´t be surprised if the money was theirs but actually it would be hard for them to give back any of the money they have already siphoned out of the masses. They are the elite, mess is their profit. Messier, more profits.

The “Leftist” ex Communist revolutionaries in name do not have such resources but they would sell their mom to get a grab for power. However, in terms of resources, they prefer to take, not give.

The Central American kids disaster is actually a bonus for China, which has all but taken over Central America. Each time they publish the lists of kids that have dissappeared in the system after requesting assylum or the US dumps 5 year olds alone in border towns, Central America turns to China. From the pan to the fire, I know. But that is the result of putting migrants in concentration camps and separating kids from their parents.

You see, the migrants still blame the US for their woes. The NAFTA that Trump likes to say is unfair to the US destroyed the corn farmers in Mexico and Central America. When that went, so did teh subsistence agriculture. Factory work never came and if it did, it was pretty bad. Ther is no way to defend your rights when the treaty says all conflicts must be solved in US courts, paying US lawyers. It is like having an argument with your neighbor and having their wives decide the outcome. So cost of living has kept on rising, inequality and desperation along with it.

The cherry on top is the effects of climate change, which have been devastating. And central Ameirca is following the path of Syria, drouight, famine, civil war. Great business for arms sellers, but taht is a fndamental right, isn´t it? To defend yourself with weapons as per USD constitution?

The thing is that our elites have been raised and educated in the US. they believe in the right to bear arms… as long is them, not the poor. The poor are poor because they are lazy. Law works in favor of the strong. Survival of the fittest and all that jazz. So the poor will be severaly punished if they raise up … again.


And yes, to answer youir question, the ones financing the Honduras caravan are wealthy conservatives. under the cover of socialism. As I explained before, the elite realizes that in the name of teh people, they can get away with anything. It is like an armor of moral justice that they can wear to do whatever they want. So this seemingly illogical pairing is actually quiet logical. Scratch te surface and you will find the usual gang of idjits.


Indeed :slight_smile:

Do you think China has specific political aims in Central America? Or are they happy to just pick up the same sort of one-way “trade” deals that they do in, say, Africa? In other words, is it just about money, or do you think the Chinese are keen to get some Central American territory as (say) an intelligence outpost?

  1. Anything they can take away from US is win for them.

China does not forget. It has a huge Sequoia chip on its shoulder. Remember the embassy bombing? They do.

Snatching Central America has the double win of pissing off US while weakening Taiwan. The elites are easily bribed. And money flows from China.

There used to be a very old Cantonese based settlement in Central America. Taiwanese businesspeople made inroads at teh same time as Koreans, who were more succesful in grabbing a hold of teh elites, in spite Taiwanese “investments”. But currently the whole area is overfloaded with Chinese gangs enforcing obedience to the PRC, plus Chinese humble people paying off loans to the gangs as a stepping stone to The Great Hike up North to the US.

US is practically giving teh area away, so it is not as if they are playing dirty or anything. US considers Central America its backyard, populated by annoying pests. It is not coincidence that Trump´s speech has frequently found itself mirroring that of William Walker and current events do not help. Central America was forgotten in the rush to crush the Middle East -there is oil, bt harder to drill out- and honestly, aside from bananas and pineapples and a source of making themselves feel powerful, there is not much to attract the US anymore.


Not sure the Nicaragua Canal is totally dead.


Hopefully. Even China let go of the Dry Canal idea in Honduras. And that was a lot cheaper/feasible.


All I see is someone handing out money to a crowd speaking Spanish. This is completely unverified footage, and the person who posted it on youtube (insane orange) is part of the conspiracy theory brigade judging by their past uploads.

Maybe it would be a good idea to do some background checks, and research the authentication of a video before posting links to on this site?


…Hence my theory about the three stooges being behind this being just as relevant as Soros.

Don’t some of these countries have murder rates similar to warzones?
I don’t see what the mystery is, these people are desperate, refugees of some kind.


There are local news in Spanish. This idjit was actually organizing the caravan on Facebook. Some others were spreading rumors of food and money available to participants.


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Please read my words properly and you will see I did qualify the post as a possibility.
Post some alternative theories, by all means , and we can decide betwixt the reports.
So by your reasoning, I should discount all your posts , as they are obviously biased …are you aware of the concept of using your own judgment to determine and investigate the facts. I enjoy the Memes ( on both sides) to make a point . So post away alternative views…show us you will consider all new revelations.


Is that a promise ?


Dude just likes to hop on here and take out his daily frustrations to a bunch of strangers on the internet.
Its like a blitzkrieg of negativity. He’s probably a bit sad and lonely :frowning:


sure pal, which is why you troll me around.

blaming this stuff on Soros and acting like it is all orchestrated by the ‘evil left’ is conspiratard BS. I simply post truths.