Horse of the day




I’m curious but I’m not even sure I want to click


You can just post pictures


"Hores of the day "

That was my dangerous click of the day.






I nominate our own @bojack for Horse of the Day.


Dr. Milker, please confirm that it IS possible to milk a horse.

Milk it for as much as you can, I say.


Yes…even a cow can milk a horse. (that’s not me in the video)




And even a human can milk a cow! :astonished:

Who would have thought?


They usually have a pretty delicate touch. It’s the raccoons I’m worried about.



About horse Photo or video it’s OK on this topic.


We were there for this one



Guess which one.


I truly just wanted a place talks about animals that horses. People talks about cat of the day but they got a picture of cat something like that


And you got it! Feel free to post about horses however you like. Other people can post about horses how they like! Everyone wins! :horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing:


Yeah, don’t look a horse thread in the mouth! :wink: