Hospital Closures etc

Continuing the discussion from Telemedicine in Taiwan?:

All outpatient clinics are closed until 5/28 at 和平醫院

:arrow_double_up: 5 cases at Heping Hospital in Taipei

Another hospital

emergency room is closed till May 28 temporarily.

Beside, no evening clinic since May 17 till May 28.

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It seems to be Cathay in Xizhi District? I went there once a couple of months back - that’s a pretty big hospital. :grimacing:

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This appears to be an ER doctor getting sick. I guess at some point hospitals and the authorities will need to decide to provide appropriate PPE to medical staff (with all the problems and discomfort that entails) or otherwise decide the risk is acceptable.

It doesn’t seem sustainable to keep shutting down hospitals every time a case or several cases are detected…

This doesn’t seem to be a reasonable policy from the island which prides its amazing healthcare.

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Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe said today that the National Taiwan University, Beirong, Beiyi and Zhongxing Hospitals of United Medicine will launch special outpatient clinics for sequelae of confirmed cases.

Is Min-Sheng General hospital open for ARC or do you need to make an appointment because of COVID restrictions? :confused:

Open for what?

I meant ARC health check but dropped the health check part lol

Last year I walked in and didn’t need an appointment. My manager said I actually need one??

Did you try registering for it? I haven’t heard anything about hospital closures as of yet, I think it will be fine? I wouldn’t delay though.

My fear is they will close or limit lol. How would I even register? I’m not lying when I say I straight up just walked in last time but we were barely level 1 in that period. :’)

On their website, assuming you can for a health check.