Hot mustard (French Dijon style, or German)

For quite a while now I am looking for some hot mustard. So far went mainly to Carefour and Jason’s. Sure, they have a lot of Dijon mustards… some even say “hot” on the package. But I tried 3 so far (last 2 I still have, Beaufor and epifine brands) and didn’t find anything remotely hot. More sour. Doesn’t really go that well with those nice original or black pepper flavour “Wiener Würstchen” sausages they sell at Carefour :frowning:

Can anyone recommend a different place (or some certain brand at the same place) that you would consider to be hot?

Back home (Germany) I think I mostly bought “Maille” brand Dijon mustard, as well as occasionally German brands like “Löwensenf extra”… so thats the kind of hot I am thinking of here :slight_smile:

I haven’t found any brand that is as hot as you want. I did find some, like you, that say they are hot but were not what I wanted. My solution was to buy a bottle of mustard powder at the specialty baking shop and mix some into my jar of prepared mustard. It did the trick. I also like some horseradish in mine.

Thanks for the hint, I’ll definitely give this a try. But still, maybe someone, some day, can point us at a brand thats a wee bit hotter… somehow I don’t feel like goig through all 10+ brands I saw and try them, but I have a feeling something hotter MUST be out there :wink:

Try City Super. I am currently using a French Dijon -really made in France- that is not too hot but they had a very wide selection there. Mine is 200 something, but you only need a bit for a lot of flavor. :lick:

If you really like hot, try some jalapennos. :smiling_imp:

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The two I still have are french made too, according to the label. So which brand do you have that is “not too hot”? So I can avoid it :wink:

Actually, it doesn’t have to be THAT hot for me… but should be more than just sour :frowning:

There can be only one:

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You know what I like? They have this mixed mayo and wasabi and mustard spread in Carrefour. Fresh cucumber, letuce, tomato, turkey ham and cheese…

I’m very open to english products as well :wink: Is this one hot, and available in Taipei?

I’m very open to english products as well :wink: Is this one hot, and available in Taipei?[/quote]

I’m based in Hsinchu, so I don’t know. :neutral: But, yes, it is hot if you buy these ones:

I’ve looked in Hsinchu, but no luck. I stock up whenever I leave the rock. :sunglasses:

Oh, so the standard one is not hot at all?

Hmmm… I’m not so much a fan of chili for making mustard hot, it’s just a different kind of hot… I prefer the black mustard seeds hot :wink: If I want chili hot, I just get one of the great chili recipes or condiments available here.

Anyway, if I find those in Taipei I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

the colemans is nice and hot. Have you tried Jason’s or Breeze supermarkets?

CitySuper has a wide range of German mustard, I bought two different kind of sweet ones there (one was too sweet) but they also had what was labeled as hot German mustard. They also have several kinds of French mustard and I’m sure I saw Colemans there too, but to me it tastes like rat poison or something, it really burns :sick:
Ikea had hot Swedish mustard on sale around Christmas last year, but not seen anything like that so far this year and the other stuff they sell wouldn’t be to your taste.

Thanks a lot, seems like I should try CitySuper… never been there so far, but sounds like it’s worth a visit :slight_smile:

Sure it doesn’t go so well with pickled herring (does anything?) :wink: but with scrambled egg and roast beef it can’t be beat.

Smuggle out a pack of wasabi from Sushi Express. Add it to your jar of mild Dijon mustard.

Sure it doesn’t go so well with pickled herring (does anything?) :wink: but with scrambled egg and roast beef it can’t be beat.[/quote]

Not funny… besides, mustard herring is very good, so don’t go there, it’s just not colemans herring…

Well, I tried this… but the mustard powder I got (the more expensive one of the 2 at Jason’s) was obviously only bitter, not hot :frowning:

Where can I get Mustard powder?

To those that have PMd; I suggest you go to any of the DIY baking stores that have been mentioned under that topic. I find the best at the Younghe baking store - directions on other DIY Baking Stores threads.
Just get the “mustard powder”
When I want pork and seeds, I just mix this powder with some beer and make it a fine paste. From there, you can dip whatever and clean the nasal cavities.
I usually buy the Dijon at the local Supermarket and mix it with a paste of mustard powder from the DIY store. Make it a thick past.
Now go to the market and buy some pork loin. I usually soak it in a soy and Organic Oyster sauce, along with some chopped red peppers. About 24 hours. After a soaking, bake in your toaster until it is tender but not overcooked. Now slice the loin as thin as you can. Take 3 small dishes and put sesame seeds in one, the mustard mix in another and some Thai chili paste in another. Enjoy with your favorite brew.

Well, I’d have never thought to look there, but I went this morning, and what do you know…Mustard powder.